Sunday, 26 October 2014

Summer in Spring and scarf winner!

Can it really be almost three weeks since I last blogged?? Thanks Judy in Queensland for reminding me… email prompt to see if I am okay! As the title reflects we have just had the hottest heat spell on record in an October. We had six days over 32 and no rain for so long now. The hills have quickly changed from green to yellow but the roses have been loving it and the sunsets have been glorious……

 The gorgeous bunch on the right were from a friend..thanks Pam and they lasted well over a week...
 Sadly I had to leave my two glorious William Morris roses on the townhouse garden arch but I did bring one potted one with me and it is now blooming………...
 When we moved to our new home just nine months ago we inherited a front garden of landscaped pebbles. Tons of them so they are too expensive to remove. I do like to get my hands in the dirt so I am trying to live with them. So I have planted several lavender bushes and nine rose bushes which are coming along well. I also planted two Pierre-De-Ronsard climbing roses to grow on a new arch and I am hoping for wonderful displays in the coming years………….

 I hope a newly planted silver birch and crepe myrtle survive our harsh summers……...

 William Morris is still alive and well with more and more popping up everywhere. I recently saw a link to some new Morris fashion from the Jigsaw fashion label using Morris' Brer Rabbit pattern. (have a look via the Jigsaw link). And a friend sent me a link to share that Doc Martens and Liberty have teamed up together so these shoes might be on my Christmas wish list……..(thanks Delma!)

 Those of you in the UK have the "Anarchy and Beauty" William Morris exhibition currently showing at the National Portrait Gallery where you can see a 30 second promotion via the link. Here at home I was thrilled to finally visit our old Stock Exchange building a week or so ago. I knew there were Morris windows but I did not expect to be able to just wander upstairs to see it all! I didn't have my camera with me so these views were taken on my phone. The meeting room is decorated in contemporary Morris but the windows are from 1901 and designed by John Henry Dearle. The top three panels are from Edward Burne Jones figures and represent morning, sun and evening. The six panels were to commemorate Australia's federation and depict the British Empire united by Britannia…..

 So finally some BIG news. I was keeping it quiet but unfortunately my printer decided to tell a friend who was in there on her own business….."Guess what…Michele is writing a book"!! So before word spreads too much…..Yes it is official….I am writing a new book! I am self publishing and the printer and I have been talking figures and layouts for a while, so now it is all systems go! It will be along the theme of "May Morris comes for Afternoon Tea" ….so I will leave it to your imagination. But it will be smaller achievable projects with not too, too much appliqué! So stay tuned. I hope it is ready to go by April next year and you will be able to purchase from me direct! 

One last thing…. it is time to say thank you for your wonderful comments and kind words regarding my last post on 'kindness'. Larry and I did a random draw the old fashioned way by putting all your names in a bowl and drawing one out…….so the winner is……
 even eyes closed!…...
 It is Sharon Hoogland! So please contact me Sharon so I know where to post your new William Morris/Michele Hill designed scarf! (Your email address did not come up when I clicked on your name)
Have a great week wherever you are xx


  1. A lovely post as always, I am just now the past several days getting back to normal myself - I am so looking forward to seeing what your new book brings. I took Floral Fantasy out this week and I am back to stitching on the border.

  2. Wonderful news! A new book! For sure, I am getting that one. Margaret

  3. Now I feel a bit guilty that I haven't blogged in a while,(will rectify that soon) The roses are looking gorgeous, the pebbles will be good for drainage and I'm sure you will find more plants to put in, succulents maybe? I also spotted those Doc Martens shoes, I think I like the boots :)

  4. So glad that you have posted again!
    The roses look beautiful and I am sure that you will fill that pebble garden soon. I thought that you must have designed those shoes! Keep well. Jenny

  5. We always love your post and the exciting content. A new book is just brilliant. This will be the first of many more that will follow. Such beautiful roses and photography.
    Love Nydia&ken

  6. The up side of the pebbles is they are also act like mulch and keep the soil cool. When everything is grown you probably won't notice them at all. It is certainly a good year for roses.

  7. So excited for you Michele to be doing another book!!
    So looking forward to its completion and holding one in my hand.
    If we can help with fabric or threads any way please ask.
    Jen xx

  8. Congrats to Sharon! So love the roses - you are so lucky. Thanks for sharing, Michele.


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