Monday, 6 October 2014

A hectic week

Am I home and slowing down? It would appear not but at least I am home! A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of showing Alison and Malcolm from New Zealand a little of Adelaide to see some of our William Morris sights. It was a wonderful day and this past week I did it again three times! We start at the Art Gallery of South Australia to see a small selection of our Morris collection and then if Carrick Hill is open we head there with a quick visit to view the Morris stained glass windows at St Augustines on the way. During the past week I've escorted 8 more interstate devotees of Morris and the most recent visit to Carrick Hill included some interior photos which I did not think we were allowed to take. Much of the furniture dates back to the 16th century and to see that in Australia in this setting is sensational with the original Morris wool curtains of course………...

 The highlight is the three different embroidered John Henry Dearle designed panels. Photography was a little tricky as it is all behind glass but you can see a little here…………

Last week I had a wonderful reunion with the May Morris embroidery devotee Nicola Jarvis from the UK. Nicola was our teacher at the Royal Needlework School on the recent May Morris tour and she was here in South Australia for an embroidery event. So Carrick Hill was on the agenda (for a meeting for the 2017 event!) so some photographic memories were mandatory…….. 

 We also had a full day with Nicola and David yesterday concluded with dinner at home. The weather was beautiful so with Spring in the garden all was well………

My late Mother's irises have to be at least 30 years old. I dug them up when she died 6 years ago and they bloomed for 26 years in our previous home, for 2 years in the townhouse and now they are settled and blooming again in our new home!…..
 So it has been a very busy but rewarding week showing off our wonderful home town. I will conclude with the latest photo of Miss Maisie and the little shoes that Auntie Sophie found for her at a market yesterday……and made with William Morris fabric as well!
Hope all is well in your world xx


  1. what beautiful photos and the baby has grown so much and is developing personality isn't she.

  2. I tend to forget how beautiful Carrick Hill is, thanks for reminding me.

  3. We are still buzzing about our day with you Michele. We have been showing our photos of beautiful Adelaide to friends and looking at them the sky is so blue, the sand so golden, the smiles just huge. Looking forward to returning in 2017 for the special event, Keeps me getting up for work in the mornings! Hugs. Alison & Mal.

  4. What a sweetie! Those are darling shoes, too. Thanks so much for the photos.

  5. It is always such a treat to read your blog. Always amazing content and photos. The Carrick Hill photos are wonderful. Our shutters progressed somewhat yesterday-the reverse side is almost completed!
    love N&K

  6. You have received lots of gifts of kindness Michele but that is because you are a giver of kindness. I always enjoy your blog.

  7. Wow your blog is always so interesting, love all your photos Maisie is looking so beautiful. Thanks for sharing


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