Thursday, 2 October 2014

Quilts for fundraising

Any of us in the quilting world know that one of the most satisfying parts of our textile art is to make quilts for others. (My own family have suffered though and it is time to stay home and make them some treasures for the future!!) Larry spent some time a few weeks ago counting how many quilts I have made and given away and it was a staggering 26 - and these were all large quilts! Five of those were for worthy causes and my most recent donation has contributed to the restoration and secure future of Kelmscott Manor. I am the first to put my hand in my pocket for a few dollars for a worthy cause but when it is a large donation required I am not in a position to do that…so instead I like to think my handiwork can equal that. So it was today that I received an email with a link on Facebook of the recent Kelmscott Manor auction. You can see all the photos of this grand event HERE but I've just stolen a few for my records!

Such a beautiful and appropriate setting for such a grand event and also nice to see the interior of the Society as well …...complete with Morris wallpaper! In total 37,800 British pounds was raised (over $70,000AU) so I am glad I could be a small part of it all. While on their page I also noticed this interesting future Arts and Crafts event…….
The genius of William Morris is most definitely alive and well (and I hope it will be in Adelaide in 2017 too!!)

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  1. I bet it is a bit staggering to read how much your quilt raised!! such a beautiful quilt!!


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