Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Kind people

Wouldn't the world be a wonderful place if we were all kind to each other? I was reminded of this today when I received a package (Yes, Australia Post actually delivered!). This gift was an unexpected reward from the wonderful Superior Threads company and all because they had seen my post about using their threads and needles here! I mentioned a few other brands too but what an incredible surprise to get an email from one of the company bosses to say thankyou! I was offered a $5 voucher but within a few hours it was upgraded to a $50 one!! So I have my most favourite needles stocked up and a brand new Superior Thread holder. I do like to use thread stands for my quilting and appliqué and this one is multipurpose so I can't wait to put it to use. Thankyou so much 'Dr Bob' (and I have your thread therapy DVD as well!), and to 'Mother Superior' and vice president Todd……you have one very happy appliqué girl 'down under' and I am proud to share it here……….

 So as I was enjoying the warm feeling of someone being kind  it made me think of all the kind people I have met in my life. It was my late Mum who always told me to treat people as you would like to be treated and it is a practice I do try to uphold…...
So then I started looking around and everywhere are gifts that have been given to me purely as "random acts of kindness" or simple thank you gifts from students in classes to people I've showed around Adelaide. Thank-you to each and everyone of you who have been so kind. I know there are more tucked in drawers but this was my first brief look…….
 A lovely lady from New Zealand who made knitted rabbits for Beau and Maisie - but guess what…they are living with me for when the little ones visit!!
 This is my most recent kind gift which some girls purchased right in front of me and I did not know about (and behind it a treasured gift of a finely stitched lace doily) ….
I've received several thimbles as gifts (Morris of course!)…...

 Kind cards in the mail some months ago to wish us well in our new home……...
 an incredible kind award from dear friends in my Guild………..
 Then there are the kind shops who stock my fabrics and books……

And a kind shop owner who even made me a purse from my fabrics which I use everyday for my 'lippy'!….
 The kind people who come and listen to me rave on about my Morris obsession…..
 no matter how disabled they might be………
And when they take the trouble to bring quilts they have made from my books - I think that is kind…..
 A cushion in my fabrics from the other side of Australia which adorns my bed every day…..
 The kind people that make Sanctuaries so others can have time out and just chill….well keep warm here in this pic!

 Art Gallery curators that are kind and make time to share our love (of all things Morris!)…..
Maple syrup from our friends in Canada and also from their trees!!……..
The kindness of friends making me a surprise quilt on my 50th birthday eight years ago (goodness a 60th in two years - yipee!). 
A recent kind gift from Ann-Marie of Beautiful Stitches……
 Now this has to be the most heroic act of kindess that my late Dad shared.  As many of you know I am a proud daughter of a man who served in the Pathfinder Force of Bomber Command in WW11 and survived more ops than he should have. Captain Ted Swales photographed here did the ultimate act of kindness - he saved his entire crew, including my Dad but sadly lost his life in the process. Little comfort to his family but he was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross for that act of kindness which you can read about here.
 I recently purchased a replica model of the Lancaster plane and Beau was entranced by it all and the photos. So I found some more and they are now displayed in the hallway. I did not know that Dad had written on the back of one of the photos though…….incredible………

 He had written on the back the following: 
"Our crew had a phobia about having our photo taken while on operations. At 11am on the morning of February 23rd 1945 the squadron photographic section talked us into having a crew photo taken in front of our aircraft, M for Mother. At 2306 that evening, we were dangling at the end of parachutes with the exception of the pilot who went in with his plane and was awarded a posthumous VC. That photo has now become history and appeared in numerous books and publications. It has even been blown up in size and is an exhibit at the Bomber Command Museum at Hendon in the UK" 
 And I am so grateful to Dad for taking the time to keep the photo and also record this important piece of history. And of course to Captain Ted Swales - the ultimate act of kindness and he was only 29…...

So to continue this theme of being kind it seems only right to share the kindness of Helen from Whitecroft tours who recently sent me left over mugs from the tours so some lucky people have received one as a gift……
 She also sent me some of the silk scarves with one of my Morris patterns on it. So to return a kind act I am giving away one of them. They are of the highest quality silk and hand rolled and stitched and you hardly feel like it is on you as it is so light. They are made by Beckford Silk in the UK, suppliers of scarves for museums and galleries and retail for 45-55 British pounds which today is about $90. So leave a comment and Larry will do a lucky draw. The rest are for sale if you are interested - there are only three so make me an offer and highest bid receives! (And thanks Helen for your true kindness) xx

So lets make the world a better place by all being kind and thanks Superior Threads for starting the ripple!


  1. What a lovely post on kindness. You obviously inspire people to be kind too! The scarves are gorgeous too!

  2. A lovely blog. It isn't very hard to show acts of kindness to our fellow human beings. You totally deserve all the gifts bestowed on you that you have mentioned. You have devoted many many hours in teaching and sharing your knowledge. Blessings to you

  3. you reap what you sew Michele , your kindness is evident in every smile you give

  4. what a great present that was coming to you. You have had a lot of kindness given to you over the years. I love your William Morris work and hope to get back to my applique soon to finish my Floral Fantasy -

  5. I was once told that "you can never out give a giver". and that giver is you Michele. Never thinking twice anout sharing your knowledge, your patterns, your friendship, your enthusiasm and your joy at just being able to enjoy life. Long may it continue.

  6. Hi Michelle, you have always shared your skills so generously to those who are keen to learn more. The scarves are just gorjuss! Sharon

  7. You have been so kind to me ever since we started emailing each other. You have introduced me to Wm Morris and the beauty that goes with his designs. I love you and the fabric and the books and the kindness that comes from you. Yes, lets keep it going! Margaret in Texas

  8. You are very easy to be kind to, Michele - you are so generous! We appreciate you as our model of kindness.

  9. Hi Michele,

    Your recent blog is just beautiful. Theyr'e should be more people like you around, you are always sharing your knowledge etc. Michele we also lost my Dad last week. Karen B

  10. I would love to be able to give my sister one of your scarves for her birthday, as she and I share a love of all things Morris, and are both great admirers of your quilts. Ann

  11. The best portion of a good man’s life is little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.”
    —William Wordsworth

    Kindness is such a reward in itself. We made some meals and froze them before sending off to some dear elderly family friends. They were just so pleased and delighted with the surprise.
    Love Nydia & Ken

  12. Thank you for sharing such a touching subject with us. Random acts of kindness need to be a daily practice, especially now.

  13. Thank you for sharing the acts of kindness. It made me think of the many acts that I have experienced over the years. I also plan on creating a display to remind me of kindness in my own home.

  14. How lovely. You must have to pinch yourself! It's so exciting to see you doing what you love and sharing it with us.
    I'd love to win your scarf. It's lovely.

  15. Michelle, I love this post and your beautiful example of how simple acts of kindness have a cascading effect. After meeting you in Adelaide, I met up with an old friend and spent some time with his family. His children were so beautiful and caring - it was a joy to sit and read books with them before bedtime. You could just about reach out and touch the kindness in the air! I think we are so lucky to do what we love and then share that passion with others - especially when we think of the Captain Ted Swales and all the others like him whose acts of bravery and kindness helped us to live in such a world.

  16. michelle,
    I also have a photo of my Dad with his crew mates in the RAAF/RAF at an airfield in Britain. Unfortunately there are only a few names written on it. Nevertheless I love the photo and the images it brings to mind- Dad did not speak of his experiences at all- but I am sure subtle acts of kindness were common and needed.
    I have recently finished one of your Morris quilts as a gift for my niece Rebecca and her husband Paul. wedding (actually when i finally finished they were celebrating their 2nd Wedding Anniversary- ;)
    Thank you for your creative spark!

  17. Ooooo, so many good things, I am in love with Morris too, I only recently found him so it's a new love but I sure he is what I've been looking for all my life. The more I check out needlework, the more I am hooked. Love the patterns on the quilts, fabrics and then your really teased me with the silk scarf. :)

  18. Love your contribution of sharing William Morris from fabric, books and now a beautiful scarf. Would love to wear one! Lynn, USA

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  20. LOVE your work. LOVE William Morris. Would love to wear a silk scarf.. LOVE scarves also.

    Thanks for the opportunity towin

  21. Another awesome blog Michele, demonstrating once again how much of a person with integrity you are. You are a delightful tutor and a very giving and generous person. You deserve to be the recipient of such kindness.
    The scarves are just so gorgeous and you model well.


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