Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Show and tell

Spring is definitely a time of change with the recent weather events here in Adelaide. We have gone from a record breaking October heat-wave to chilly and cold. Last week we had a spectacular storm which resulted in us losing power for 16 hours. One forgets how much we depend on electricity and it was a challenge doing nothing in the dark for hours. It was actually very frightening and loud with extreme lightning and thunder overhead. I tried to get some photos but I think I need to learn how to get spectacular shots like these (credit is beneath the photos)……..
The website for the above photographer is well worth a visit as it is full of photos from near where we live too. So here are my attempts as the sky started to change colour…….

All is calm once again and it is high time I shared some quilt photos that have been kindly sent to me over the last couple of weeks. First is from Judy in Queensland with her version of my Renaissance quilt pattern. She won first place in her category as did her long arm quilter. My version is on a black background and it is lovely to see it like this……your quilt is beautiful once again Judy and thanks for the photo and congratulations on your award!
Marina in Perth sent me an image of her version of the My Walk in Melbourne pattern and it is stunning as you can see…..thanks Marina and well done too…….
Julie from Sydney has been very busy with several Morris designs and all looking fabulous. I love the quilt on her bed…just divine with all those bunnies. Thanks Julie……

More from the Queensland quilt show and some more winners too! Rosemary attended one of my design classes and came up with this fabulous result. Her reward was a second place and a judges choice award. Congratulations Rosemary - it is beautiful! (and I am teaching another design class here next year for those of you thinking of going to AQC!)
And finally Jenny with her version of A William Morris Garden pattern. Jenny told me she loved doing this as all the flowers reminded her of her childhood garden in Wales. I love it Jenny - the colours are glowing (as are you too!), and thanks for the photos……

 So a little other news from home. We have had some more work done around the house - part of the process of making it "ours". I've been spoilt with a new kitchen sink and benchtops………(the benefits of Larry back at work!)
 And also a pergola out the back which has helped immensely with the hot morning sun on the back part of the house. I call it another "room" and Larry has his own lounge-about which he has already enjoyed while reading………..

The tomato plants are blooming as is my Morris rose………..
 There is a special place for the little ones including the beginnings of a fairy house which Beau and I have been working on……….

 The roses have been wonderful and I never tire of them as you can tell by all the photos I share each post! The two Pierre-de-Ronsards are wonderful and I look forward to them cascading over the arch……..

Amongst the many roses I planted are a yellow and white rose that are just delicious!……
 The unfortunate part of my week was reversing out of the roller door garage and having an unexpected car parked in my blindspot in the driveway! Lewis who was working on the pergola at the time was more worried about me than the damage to his car. Amazing how you do something everyday like clockwork…."roller door up, look in the rear vision mirror and take off"! I heard a crunch and still couldn't see anything in the mirror so figured I'd run over something……got out and discovered I had hit a car. But $1800 damage just for this????!!!!!
It has been a busy couple of weeks as we prepare for our annual quilt show. Judging is complete with results to be announced at the gala night on Thursday this week. So for now these are the latest photos of our dear Maisie with big brother Beau reading to her….

I hope life is good wherever you are x


  1. It must be a wonderful to see people making quilts from your patterns and your inspiration.
    Nydia & Ken
    We love your blog-photos from Canberra please.

  2. all the quilts are just so lovely and it must be so rewarding to you seeing others make quilts from your patterns. The lightening storm is amazing and it is horrible loosing our electricity - we do all so get used to it and take it for granted. Love the photos of the children and your house - it is so nice to have a shady place outside when the weather is sunny and hot

  3. I have never realized that your quilts are "hard", beautiful but hard. Wonderful work to the ladies who have finished one of your quilts and sent you a photo to share. Yes, I have seen your version of all these quilts but for some reason they did not strike me as hard. Do you think I hold you to a higher standard? LOL. Sure sounds like it.

    Now the roses are big part of my life these days as well. Instead of Spring we are in Fall and I am trying to clear the ground of "weeds" or weedy perennials so that I can enjoy my roses in four months.

  4. As always a great post with gorgeous quilts and oh so sweet babies. Sorry about your accident, Michele. Love the counter tops!


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