Friday, 19 April 2013

Mindless machine quilting

I am the first to admit that machine quilting is not my forte and I have a major psychological and physical aversion to it!! But it must be done and the quilt is finally ready to send to the UK! It is pretty silly to say quilting is "mindless" because so too is machine appliqué, which I can sit and do for many "mindless" hours!! Anyway here are a few shots for you Nicola Jarvis and all you lovely people who drop by to see what I am up to!!.....

I quilted this quilt with a beautiful fine thread from Wonderfil threads called Invisifil. It is a 100 weight, ultra fine but also strong and what I love is that the quilting shows and not so much my uneven stitches!! I also use a 70/10 Microtex sharp needle with the same thread in the bobbin as well. You can see the beautiful lustre of the cream thread I used.......

I am also currently quilting the felted wool project which is worked on a linen/cotton blend and is quite thick. So I need to quilt in a thicker thread, so for that I am using Superior Threads top stitch needle... 
And the wide orange ric-rac I planned to use has become a narrow lime green. Number one assistant Mr Larry thinks this looks much better!......

The Australasian Quilt Convention is on this week and sadly my time did not allow me to visit this year. But here at home we are all "whoop whooping" for our two South Aussie girls who are up for the Best of Australia award. (You can see all the entries by clicking on that link)
This quilt is from Ming Hsu who comes from South Australia but won in New South Wales.......
And Rachelle Denneny with her incredible whole cloth this is what I call quilting!!! SO wish I could quilt like this.......

(And I know Rachelle won't mind that I used her photos)
I know the girls will be very nervous tomorrow night at the gala dinner.....I have been blessed to have experienced it personally three times - such a proud feeling to be representing your home state. Best of luck to both of our local girls...we will be sitting on the edge of our seats at home waiting to hear who won! 
Of course Beau also consumes our time while his Mum is at work - here in his Pink Floyd t-shirt that we brought back from the US. We are booked in to see THIS! in July!
 And he has all these toys and what does he like the best?? Still the books rule!

 He also found my latest fabric range stashed in the cupboard.....
Beau also loves to dance and sing and The Wiggles are a huge hit (home grown here in OZ!).....

Thanks for dropping by and take care wherever you are xx


  1. love how the birds turned out, your feathers look fabulous. I agree with Larry's choice of the green rid arc. And fingers crossed for our girls at AQC .

  2. äyour quilt is fabulous, both applique and quilting. The birds are sooo beautiful :) Gourgeous is also the little one in the last pictures ;)

  3. I love all the texture in the birds piece! My grandmother did beautiful applique quilts with gorgeous quilting and I have always thought the backs were as pretty as the fronts. Things have been pretty hectic the past few months, but I hope to do the pattern you sent me very soon. I'm thinking it will be a table runner and can't wait to get started.

  4. Your machine quilting is great Michele, and done on a domestic too, that's a double plus! And now what will you do with all that orange ricrac??

  5. Not mindless - fabulous, and so is the quilt - well both quilts! Wish I could quilt like that. I, too, have found Invisifil thread. Love it. The off white works with so many colors! Beau is so precious.

  6. Your quilt is gorgeous and I think your machine quilting is amazing. As for Beau he is so gorgeous

  7. Your appliqué and quilting really made the birds come alive
    They are gorgeous.

  8. Lovely overall, but the darkest bird is just wonderful ... it looks like he is standing in front of the quilt!


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