Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Jane Austen tour

A couple of weeks back I visited the blog of an award winning quilter I have long admired. This quilter is as obsessed with Jane Austen as I am with William Morris. As I was looking at her blog I noticed a page of her beautiful Jane Austen inspired quilts.........

This got me thinking ....wouldn't it be wonderful if this quilter could share an amazing experience through her quilting like I am? So I made a quick phone call to that quilter, an email to Helen in the UK at Whitecroft Tours and presto........ a new Jane Austen tour has been created!!
 And that quilter of course is Australia's very own Katrina Hadjimichael.
If you go to Katrina's blog and check on her entry from yesterday (Sunday April 22nd), you will see the big announcement! The tour is planned for September 2015 so time to save those pennies! I am so thrilled for Katrina and I know the tour will be sensational. It is only being advertised via Katrina's blog for now, so if this sounds like your sort of holiday then do send her an email: Katrina.H@three.com.au or contact Helen at Whitecroft Tours. Isn't it amazing how a little idea can turn someone's dream into reality?

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