Saturday, 13 April 2013

Nicola Jarvis project progress

The last two days I have been at the sewing machine quilting the Bird project for Nicola and the William Morris Gallery exhibition. It has been a joy to stitch this special piece although challenging working from someone else's idea. Machine quilting is not one of my strengths and I find it hard to do delicate work but I will persevere and enjoy the embroidery and beading at the conclusion of the quilting. Below is the design that Nicola sent me......
 and one of her beautiful birds........
Some quilt progress to date.....

Do also go and visit Anna Scott at her blog and see what she has done. Her embroidery is exquisite and it is all finished! I just love the shading that she has done in the blue....or is it green threads??
Photo from Anna Scott's Blog

This leads me to an 'affliction' I have had since I was a child.

At school I apparently used to colour the sky green and the grass blue, so some years back at an eye review I found myself being tested for this apparent colour confusion! The first test that is done is the Standard Ishihara test - which I always pass.

My eye specialist went further and made me do a Farnsworth D15 test......and he nearly fell off his seat when I proved to be positive!!
It turns out I have a colour vision deficiency! I have made some 'blues' (pardon the pun!), in my quilt making over the years and have had remarks to support this. Statistically this is extremely rare and that is why the doctor jumped with joy! He then tested my daughters and one has inherited it. In a nut shell it is the next defect from the more common red/green one. The one I have is the blue/yellow defect: Tritanopia (Dichromacy), to be precise!

I challenge you to take this simple hue test online HERE.  There is another one HERE for my particular defect. You might be surprised at the fine line of hue difference. Perfect score is 0 and my best........136! I call it artistic licence! I wonder if William Morris saw colour like we do.......


  1. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog - love WM style. I saw yesterday, he actually paired with someone (can find out name if you don't already know) and created a wallpaper with mermaids in it:) Something new every day.

  2. First, I am stunned that you have a problem with color. Your work is so beautiful, one would never have known.

    I took the first test. I am so particular about color. I'll change my lipstick color 6 times and mix shades until I get the perfect one for each outfit. Color affects my mood. I used to do color analysis. I scored 16 on this test. It wasn't an easy test, but enlightening.

  3. I'm amazed how well you cope! My mother has red/green colour blindness, but also muddles blues and purples. One optician was so amazed to find out when she was in her teens that he loudly called her a freak in front on a whole waiting room; she was not impressed! I can only imagine what sort of weird quilts she would produce. My sister and I are of course carriers, but so far haven't passed it to our children.

  4. i remembered you saying you get Larry to check your colour choices. The tests were fascinating, i may get my Husband to do them.. his colour sense is non existent. Recently i wanted to paint our walls a particular shade of green. one that didn't throw either yellow or blue tints. After several sample pots i found an "Ad" in a magazine that was close to what i wanted. The paint shop matched it to a hue in the catalogue. He was stunned when he mixed it to find it had neither blue nor yellow in it..

  5. I never would have guessed you have a problem with color. I do remember you saying your husband checks your choices but I thought that was to see if he liked the arrangement not the actual color. You compensate amazingly. I scored a 4.


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