Thursday, 11 April 2013

Childhood Dream

Our week has changed from our original plans. Yesterday we were supposed to be driving back to Millicent to collect all my quilts, but late Tuesday afternoon I got a distressing phone call from Emily (the Mother of Beau), which resulted in her having an emergency visit to hospital (ambulance and all!). She is all okay so we have Trish and Cheryl to thank for retrieving my precious quilts. Dinner Saturday night with Trish and Clinton will be a treat and it will be nice to have 17 quilts back home again. (I will give Trish a hug for you Faye and hope you are having a fab time overseas!)
So this image above is of my 'Childhood Dream'! Father Christmas never did bring me one of these and I have waited 56 years to own one! Today Larry and I decided to have a coffee at our favourite spot with a mandatory visit to a favourite shop Patricia's . I could not believe the price of the house complete with furniture and when I spoke to the staff they said they had actually forgotten that it was in the storeroom as it was ordered years ago. I was actually very embarrassed at the price I paid.......less than cost price but they wanted to get rid of it. So it has found a new home and I have had such fun 'playing' already! I feel like I have won the lottery and I think Larry has enjoyed my squeals of delight as well! I plan to do some redecorating and of course all things William Morris inside! For now have a peek......

 I had collected some little pieces already as I had planned one day to have a reproduction Kelmscott Manor made, but that would have been way over my budget anyway!
I have also recently received a couple of emails of some wonderful quilts. Firstly from Sonja in the Netherlands. She has completed my Renaissance quilt and she did it all by hand....and this is a huge quilt! Absolutely stunning and thanks so much Sonja for allowing me to share it on my blog........

 Ann from Bendigo competed a quilt I designed especially for their group. It was based around a floor at one of the hotels and also incorporated their group's logo. This is the first time I have seen it completed and I am absolutely thrilled. Thanks so much Ann......

So I hope wherever you are that you are having a reason to smile x


  1. How neat about the doll house! I'll be looking for the first WM rug on one of the floors. What lovely quilts! Both stunning!

  2. Michelle, I think this is wonderful that you've got a doll's house now - so many women wait years and years until they get one! I was 22 when I got my first one (almost 30 years ago, now. But it's never too late. Have fun decorating and filling it.

  3. What a beautiful doll's House, i had one as a child though nothing as elegant as this i did enjoy playing with it... when I wasn't doing my jobs! The quilts are gorgeous, reflecting your inspiration.

  4. Michele the dolls home is just beautiful and I know you have always wanted one.
    I'm glad you shared a meal with Trish and Clinton.
    In Germany now and having the best time
    Love to all.


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