Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Slowing down

Oh my I am starting to get tired - must be getting close to the end of the year!  I have two more interstate workshops to go and then time for some new creativity - especially for the new grandbaby coming soon! A few memories to share from the past couple of weeks.....

 The wonderful Lorraine Carthew treated me to lunch while I was demonstrating at the Queensland Quilt Show......and check out the chairs we were sitting on below! (Thanks Lorraine X)

My thanks to all of you who came and said hello and even brought your quilts to show me.............isn't this just gorgeous? This is from the second More William Morris in Applique book book and so lovely with that embroidery detail.....

  And above.....I  had the wonderful honour of handing over a $500 prize to Glen Jacklin-Newham who received a 1st place in her category at the Queensland Quilt Show. Glen is the very first person in the whole wide world to receive  the New Morris Meadows range of fabrics as her prize - congratulations Glen - your quilt is beautiful

These are some images from the Bacchus Marsh Quilters - above is Margaret's stunning William Morris Sampler and all done by hand! And below the "Happy Campers"

Now to some "not so good news" This quilt that I have been working on for our exhibition is in a sad state of affairs! ......

I put in two long 15 hour days trying to finish it. I had planned to applique vines, leaves and birds in the border but time did not allow that. So I cut it back and added binding and then stupidly decided it needed a border. SO I set to and did a "quilt as you go" border and ruined it! Despite blocking it, it is still bulging in the centre so I decided to withdraw it from the exhibition. One of the committee members would not allow that so I am going to be terribly embarrassed to see it hanging so badly in a few days! When I get it back I am going to unpick it all - a lesson to be learned! Today I had to call Jocelyne Leath on another matter and I shared my story - seems like I should have quilted those borders before I attached them to the quilt centre! Check out Jocelyn's beautiful quilts by clicking on her name while you are here.

So for comfort I am going to share that beautiful story about the fairy brooms in the periwinkles.............thanks Alison for your 'therapy! You can see those brooms in that last shot - enjoy and have a good week XX (and I promise I am getting to all the emails and the posting of things that I promised to do!)


  1. You have been so busy! Enjoy some down time. I am sure you have a baby quilt or two planned.

  2. Sorry to hear about your Quilt and all that work that you have done on it...
    Hope you get some R & R Very Soon..your Grandbaby will be here before you know it!!
    I didn't get to the Brissy Quilt Show Sorry I Missed You.
    Take Care

  3. Congratulations on your Best of Show at Festival of Quilts with your stunning quilt More Morris Magic. It cant have hung that badly and a darn good thing you weren't allowed to withdraw it!!

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  6. Congratulations Michele on your Best of Show win, it looks fabulous in the photo, cant wait to see it in person today.


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