Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Let down AGAIN!

Sorry but this is going to be a 'dummy spit'!! It looks like Australia Post has let me down AGAIN..............over 7 years since I lost this quilt in the post...........

....and now a package I sent home to myself four weeks ago has gone missing. It is a large box with 7kgs worth of teaching gear. Inside it are design books, quilt samples, mirrors for my designing classes and personal gifts of fabric and the precious cookbook from the Western Australian Quilters' Association. I decided to send this gear home from Pemberton in Western Australia as I had finished classes in Perth and Bunbury and did not need some of the items for Dunsborough....my gut feeling is I will never see any of it again. Here is a little of what was in the box........

It is so devastating to lose all that work and I do not know when I will have the physical or emotional energy to replace it all......months of work down the drain. I know I will have to do it sometime as I need it for the Koala Convention next July.
I also need my mirrors...not one, but two Marti Michell large magic mirror kits which are worth almost $90 and two very precious design books....

I cannot even remember the names of my other design books so if any of you are reading this and have done my design class, please can you contact me and let me know so I can start to see if I can replace them. It is the book with the black cover that I cannot recall.....this one above I can and I think I can still get it...so anyone remember the black book for me please?
On a final note I do know some of you are still waiting on things I promised..........they are on their way all being well with the postal service!!

Australia Post have started an investigation today but I do not have faith in the package being found. I am once again gutted and so sad to be let down again :-(


  1. Oh, Michelle, how very awful for you....I do hope Australia Post can trace it for you. To lose all those loving hours of work is a tragedy, and sadly I cannot help with recalling any of your books, as I have not yet been lucky enough to attend one of your workshops.....but I really, really want to (smile). My thoughts are with you.....

  2. Michelle whatever faith you have lost I will make up for and cross all my external parts that your parcel appears. Maybe with new technology they will find your parcel. I am so so sorry about your dilemma. Here`s hoping there is a rainbow at the end of that black cloud.

  3. Oh no! Not again! Fingers crossed that it eventuates for you Michele.

  4. your emotions are on a roller coaster, the "High" of last week and the "Low" this week. Parcel post has been running very late , due to all the overseas and internet stuff people are ordering. I'd give it 2 more weeks before i gave up hope, and next time go with a courier service. ... with best wishes

  5. Oh no how awful!! I hope it turns up, I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  6. Hi Michele,
    We had a block of the month turn up at a customers home 3 months after we posted it to her !.
    So there is still hope my friend. Big hugs to you.
    Jen XXX

  7. So sorry............it must be so devastating. Try to be positive. Perhaps it will be located. A box that big has to be somewhere. Let's hope it is in the possession of an honest person. Again, so sorry. Marilyn

  8. Awful...terrible.....A lot of love and blessing....will pray for u..

  9. Oh Michele You Poor Thing...You Know it might just Turn Up Yet...let's Hope so for Your Sake...
    Chin Up if You Can
    sending Big Hugs.

  10. Oh dear....that is terrible. I feel for you...that upset and the crossness. It isn't good enough.

  11. It's a good thing you have some photo records at least, that should help AP to find your parcel for you. My fingers are all crossed for you.


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