Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Quilting therapy

Thankyou for your wonderful messages of support..........I will try to be positive about my things being found in the postal system! Life is still busy as I start to prepare the two new Block of the Month quilts. The fabrics only arrived just over a week ago so I have a little over two weeks (!!) to get them done...........not going to happen Tim....might be quilt TOPS but not sure they will get quilted! Tim from Lloyd Curzon's needs them to display at the Australian Quilt Market in Melbourne so an SOS was put out for some help. Now this person would be 1st on my list but does she like Applique??...definitely not!!
Instead she is the "Piecing queen"......head over to the Bedford Mystery Quilt Blog to see some pictures of her helpers at work (taken far too long ago!!). These girls below gave so much of themselves twice before on projects for the books.............
So whose arm could I twist this time???!! Well thank you to Kay, Kerry, Pam and Judy..............they stitched away all day and completed four blocks.........just fifteen to go girls!! So today was a chance to enjoy the camaraderie of quilting friends once again with machines humming and tongues wagging..........
 Hard at work while I prepared more blocks.....
 Never enough threads to match the applique....

Finished blocks and dishes to be done!
 Kay thought a drop of this might help the progress!

 Above is the palette for the Arts & Crafts Sampler and below for the Morris Meadows Sampler............just delicious
 And a border that I would love as wallpaper!


  1. How Wonderful to have some Help..I'm sure you will make the Deadline..
    Take Care

  2. I've already signed up for the Arts & Crafts sampler, now after seeing the beautiful border fabric on the other one maybe I should do both!


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