Sunday, 6 November 2011

My Quilt Show shock!

In my last post I shared my disappointment at the state of my quilt. So you can imagine my shock (and horror to start with!), of discovering that the quilt had received Best of Show at the Quilters' Guild of South Australia's annual show. I am still stunned but very grateful to the judges for what must have been a difficult task. My main supporter stands proudly beside it....thank you Larry X

I look at that quilt now and wonder how in the heck I actually got time to do it all. A lot of hand stitching was done "on the road" and even beading on flights interstate! I am in awe of all quilters and their quilts no matter what shape or size....but I do thank everyone for your support and kind words of encouragement.
I would like to share a few shots from the show....permission granted for some shots and apologies to others - but I do hope you don't mind the little close-ups that I got....enjoy:

 Lovely to see "our" beautiful Rachelle Denneny's award winning quilt once again - took out that incredible prize in Houston last year....look at all those ribbons!

And Dani's quilt below from a class two years ago and quilted by Tracey Browning and gained first place in its category. Congratulations Dani!

And love the colours in this Prairie Star....and a male quilter to boot!

I loved Chris McIndoe's stunning Japanese style applique.......and a 1st place winner and a
1st time blue ribbon as well....good on you Chris. It is beautiful!

And Rachelle Denneny shines again with this stunner 'Orchids of the Orient'. Her applique is unbelievable and the machine quilting breathtaking as always...and we love you as well Rachelle..............

 And she is as gorgeous on the inside as the outside..........

And below from my wonderful friend, love the colours and it is soooooo big!

Another fun friend Kitty who made this stunner below.......

 The detail in Kathy Brown's quilts is always captivating. She has done a series of textural quilts with the theme of endangered bird species....and she nearly always gains 'Viewers Choice" Her work leaves me always wondering how she did it. (and it gained 1st place in its category of course!)

And some more of Rachelle's intricate machine quilting....and on a domestic machine!

The challenge this year was "Triptych" and this is the winner from Karlyn....congratulations

 above and below:
Mary Williams has found her niche with the use of multiple threads on her art quilts....this was her triptych

And finally Country Bumpkin had a stand and I just adore this smocked dress made in the Adelaide collection fabrics......maybe if the new grand baby is a girl they might loan it to me permanently??!!
Have a good week X


  1. I have been waiting for you to post so i could offer my congratulations. I was so thrilled for you when i saw the quilt at the show, and wish i could have seen your face when you were told of your win. The quilt is amazing, i love all the little details, one could look for hours and still find more little treasures.

  2. Oh, a BIG congratulations to you Michelle....from when I first saw you working on this in Sydney, and again more recently in Brisbane (sadly when I passed by your stall, you were at lunch, and I didn't manage to get back to you before our bus was leaving), I just loved all the intricacies of definitely deserve the award, and no unpicking needed now!! think we are too critical of should be very proud of I need the for all the inspiration..

  3. Congratulations to you Michele, your quilt is entirely wonderful, and I was thrilled for you and your big win. I know you're not entirely thrilled with the finish of your quilt, but it truly is the most beautiful in the show - your award is well deserved!
    *big hugs*

  4. WooHoo Big Congratulations on your Winning Quilt it looks Beautiful hanging up...

  5. Congratulations Michele,
    I watched you quilting this at the Brisbane show & was amazed. It is beautiful work & a deserved winner.


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