Thursday, 3 February 2011

Russian floor quilt

Hermitage Museum courtyard on our visit 2010
I have spent the day over the design table placing applique pieces of my first Russian floor quilt. I have had Sky news on all day with thoughts once again to our fellow Aussies in Queensland. Their night of waiting must have been long and arduous as damage was predicted be on a level akin to Hurricane Katrina. 180,000 homes are without power but thankfully no deaths reported yet. The crop devastation will be widely felt and all our thoughts are with those affected.

So to the quilt - I have spent hours placing and pressing .....but alas I have made several stupid errors! Perhaps the recent anaesthetic has affected my brain (!!), but more likely my lack of concentration! They are not obvious to start with so I am not sure if I might just leave them for viewer intrigue!

 This is my inspiration - a section of floor at the Hermitage Museum St Petersburg. I still need to design the border but will applique and piece the blocks first.

 The block above is the only correct one! There are 4 blocks that are about 22 inches square. Below are the four blocks laid out together- if you can see the obvious errors let me know and I will re-do them......maybe!
You can take a tour of many museums around the world with the new Google Art Project; The Hermitage is just one........enjoy;


  1. Wow the blocks look fabulous!!! I looked & I couldn't see any errors.

  2. Beautiful! I had a long look and managed to spot one error (two blocks have two of four pairs of swirls facing a different way), but it's not obvious, and I can't find anything wrong in the other block.

  3. Apart from those swirls, I could only see a couple of spacing issues in the centre swirl motif where some are touching and others not. In the scheme of things not noticeable at all - it is a beautiful interpretation of that great floor.
    Well done - can't wait to see the finished quilt ... would love to quilt something like this, perhaps I just have to make something myself. Lovely job Michele thanks for sharing. Jane

  4. Even knowing that I was supposed to find an error, it was crazy hard to find. Personally, I wouldn't bother changing anything.

  5. I couldn't find the errors either so I guess you shouldn't bother changing them Michele. Beautiful work!

  6. I see the swirls in places going to different directions but I think it just adds character to the quilt. It is definitely eye candy. I like it a lot. No changes or re-dos in my humble opinion.


  7. Beautiful as usual! I can't see any problems or errors.

  8. I usually have a pretty good eye but I honestly didn`t see any errors...must be blinded by the beauty of these lovely blocks. They are stunning


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