Thursday, 27 January 2011

New quilt - new designs

First of all - thankyou so very much for your get well messages and cards - I am slowly getting back to 'my old self'! Thought I would share this rose with you called a "Mothers Love". It was given to me by a friend when my Mum passed away 2 years ago. The blooms this week have been simply stunning.....
Thought you might also like to see a new quilt I have been working on while I recuperate. It is based on the tile designs of William De Morgan - a friend and work colleague to William Morris. De Morgan leased land from Morris at Merton Abbey where he produced his ceramic tiles. Most interesting reading at this link;

This is the quilt in progress - all the applique ironed on and now ready to stitch.......
I think I am going to use a narrow black sashing around all the blocks and border. I photographed many De Morgan tiles when we were in Birmingham last year at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery;
They have a fantastic collection of tiles and also a comprehensive Pre Raphaelite Art collection. Check it here;
Here are the original De Morgan tiles and then my interpretation made very simple for applique:

Have a good week X


  1. Wow Michele the quilt looks great, maybe a class for 2012???

  2. Love your version with applique. It is so much gentler in fabric don't you think.Hope you are feeling a little better.
    New Zealand

  3. Glad to hear you are Recovering Well..your New Quilt is Stunning I Love the Colours...

  4. Wow had to have more surgery? My sympathies are with you! Hope you are feeling much better by now. Your new quilt is wonderful and I love the colors! The border blocks are really unique and interesting too. Really lovely. Still waiting for your book to come to the USA!

  5. These are just beautiful. I love the bunnies. They would be great on a children's quilt too.

  6. You are such an amazing designer! love your interpretations they are just gorgeous.
    I am sorry you have not been well I do hope you get better really soon


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