Friday 25 February 2011

A celebration

The news of the Christchurch earthquake rescue efforts continue to trickle in and at times one can feel guilty enjoying moments while others are suffering........but life does go on and today was a special time with a friend who recently tuned 50. Vicki and Faye are OBSESSED and I do mean obsessed (!!) with Oprah Winfrey. They were both devastated when their names did not get drawn out to attend Oprah's recent visit here to Australia. I must admit we did watch it on the TV and were amazed by it all. So the best we could all do was give Vicki the Oprah commemorative pearl necklace for her 50th birthday! The necklace celebrates Oprah's visit and the final season of her shows. (Thanks for organising it Faye x) The pictures tell it all...........

I am going away for a week in the morning to a quiet place in the country where hopefully I can get some serious sewing done - seems to be the only way I can get on top of things without any distractions! So if I do not answer any emails or the phone that is why. See you in a week! (and enjoy your new gift Vicki XX)

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