Wednesday 23 February 2011

Mother Nature.....why????

How much more devastation can our part of the world take? Christchurch in New Zealand is the sister city to our home Adelaide. Friends who have visited tell us it is just like being at home. We share the same city design through the surveyor general Colonel William Light;
Our cathedrals and English architecture reflect one another......and now devastation. As we watch our screens in disbelief the tears flow once again. So I ask you Mother Nature.......why, why, why? 
As I wandered around my garden in the early evening last night, I came across silence as nature ignored my question and continued as if nothing had happened.......

Our thoughts and our hearts go out to everyone touched by this catastrophe...........


  1. Your flowers are beautiful. Prayers from me and I am sure many others are going up for the people of Christ Church.

  2. I echo your sentiments, Michelle, Such senseless destruction by "Mother Nature". Your garden pictures are lovely, so calming. I too have resident Golden Orb Weaver Spiders in my garden. Two large females and their smaller mates have been in the same place for weeks, I am torn between fascination and horror at the size of their webs

  3. Lovely photos of your flowers! Oh yes, I agree.... Just so sad. I think of Australia and new Zealand often. Xo


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