Friday 18 February 2011

Quilting in Florida

I get lots of emails from all around the world and sometimes it is just someone desperate for a pattern that they haven't been able to source. I have been known to send patterns all around the world for 'nothing'..........mainly because I really don't have the facility set up to receive small payments and by the time you bank a little overseas cheque it takes weeks to clear and it gets gobbled up with the bank charges. Recently it has become a little expensive as here in Australia we have to pay a $9 US security screening charge - and that is on top of the jolly postage!! But I do enjoy the sharing - that is what quilting is all about. Sometimes you hear back from people and sometimes you don't and SOMETIMES you get a wonderful surprise in the mail! So in future I am asking for a swap :-)
The gift above was from Marilyn from South Carolina early last year. And I have had some gorgeous black and white brocade fabric that is tucked away waiting for a special project.
Yesterday I received the most amazing Temari ball made for me from Trudy in Florida

Isn't it just stunning and it even has it's own little stand! Thankyou Trudy. This beats any dollars in exchange for a pattern!! Trudy also sent me a link to a lovely video of quilts that feature some of her work. I hope this works!!

If not go to this link;

And finally have a little read about the history of Temari Japanese balls here;
and there are a stack of photos if you just type in Temari in Google images  


  1. Loved looking at the quilts on display. You went to a lot of work and effort, reporting on each quilt and photographing it. Thank you for sharing, especially for those that cannot attend. -Constance from Utah

  2. Oh, Michele,

    I can't believe I am actually on your blog. That is so exciting! Now people who I don't even know will see my work. Thanks you, again and again, for the pattern. You are a very generous person and I adore your work.

    Trudy from Florida


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