Friday, 4 December 2020

Time Out

It will soon be 4 months since I started chemo treatment and the lingering and unwelcome effects continue to haunt me so I've come to realise one just has to face it full on and decide how to manage it. So with that we decided to go for a two and half hour drive for some "time out" away from home.......

The seaside always beckons so we found a holiday house for a couple of nights away. Last night we thought we would go out for dinner but after an hour I was fading so most of my meal came home in a takeaway container so that will do for tonight! In three sleeps (and who is counting??!!), I'll be in hospital for my first lot of cancer surgery so I am also trying to keep my thoughts elsewhere. Home is always the best place and our small back area has been a sanctuary with the warmer weather. The two ficus trees are at least 20 years old and the maiden hair fern has to be even older as it belonged to my late mother......

During the past week the get well gifts have continued to flow so with all this love and support I know things are going to be okay next week and beyond. Sue made me this beautiful coat hanger covered in Morris hexagons and tucked inside the package was also a magnetic ladybird bookmark.........thankyou so much Sue x
And another package from afar from Rosie in Sydney......some Morris hand creams and I love them as they also came in a gorgeous big box that can be reused. Thankyou Rosie x
I caught up with a friend during the week who has been through the same surgery and she also presented me with even more Morris hand wonderful....I won't run out for quite some time! The morning I was due to meet Heather I woke to an image of an angel on my curtain. At first it took me aback and I then came to realise it was the morning sun shining through some small contemporary William Morris designed stained glass pieces that I bought in the UK some years back at Red House. My meeting with Heather was quite emotional but so supportive so she truly is an angel to this was my angel sign that morning......thankyou for it all Heather x
More joy arrived in the post from Maureen. A most beautiful zippered pouch that she made and it is just the right size for a hand stitching project.........I love it and it is in my all time favourite Morris print too. And a lovely colouring in book that Larry has already got his eye on for future use. And a new diary for next year too! Just what I needed so I am hoping it is not jam packed with medical appointments next year! Thankyou Maureen x
I have a dear friend originally from the UK who now lives in the beautiful Adelaide Hills and she has the most glorious garden and is also a talented seamstress and stitcher who will often be seen in vintage style dresses that she has made herself (or that Mark her husband has found for her at vintage fairs!!). Valerie is also an "English Pre-Raphaelite Beauty" as she has long flowing red hair and a house full of Morris! In fact if you were lucky enough to get a copy of my May Morris book the photography was done in her home. I missed Valerie and Mark's visit as I had medical appointments but when I got home two huge bags were waiting for me hidden behind our birch tree. And my goodness all these gifts that she must have been collecting for ages with a card attached to each filled with thoughtful words...
There was a plant that is now hanging outside and a wonderful magazine from a mutual friend tucked in one of the bags. (Thankyou Carolyn once again x) The magazine is in my bag ready to take to hospital with me.........
Two more magazines were from Valerie and are delightful. They are so very British and when I looked online I found out it is the longest running UK ladies's magazine dating back to 1885! The vintage covers are very "Valerie"!......and some books to add to my reading list and a delicious smelling soap.......
Also tucked inside the bags was this gorgeous figurine called 'Everyday Blessings' and she is adorned in a very Morris like pattern........I certainly feel very blessed to be surrounded by so much love and support. Valerie also knows how much I love my nightly soak so this will be most welcome when I can once again enjoy that little pleasure. And as well as all this I unwrapped the most glorious book full of Pre-Raphaelite letters and pictures......Larry has enjoyed looking at it too. Thankyou for it all Valerie x
So I think my birthdays and Christmases have all come at once for many years to come! I decided some time back that I couldn't be bothered putting up the Christmas tree this year as it might be difficult to pack up after surgery but I succumbed! We knew that the family were coming to visit last weekend so I thought maybe the youngest members might like to help. Well the boys were busy doing boy things so dear Maisie did it on her own! And what a fabulous job she did too. So now it feels like Christmas at home.............
It is nice to get the candle spinning reindeers (no idea what it is really called!), out while remembering where I purchased them in Finland back in 2010. And Emily found this lovely gold reindeer planter for me complete with a miniature poinsettia......
We will be heading home again tomorrow from our two nights away but today we decided to visit the "local" quilt shop - Heart and Soul Patchwork and Larry always needs to visit the bakery!! When I arrived  I received the most enormous heartfelt hug from Michelle (with two "L's"!!) who owns the shop and Covid or No Covid hugs are the very best.....thankyou Michelle xx. Her shop is in a charming old building in the Main Street of Minlaton on Yorke Peninsula and it is full of treasures......even William Morris mugs! It is worth the visit and if we lived nearby I know I would be in there often. It also has a great workspace out the back and Larry popped in to have a look and he was impressed too!........

The garden will be ready for a water when we get home but we are supposed to get a little rain soon? The first flush of roses have all but gone and one or two bushes are showing the second flush but their blooms are much smaller. I do miss having vases of them inside and just recently I came across these blooms in a local gift shop. I just had to have them but only bought two stems as they were a little pricey. But I did go back for a third as one really should have an odd number??!! I am told this is a rule when embroidering so maybe it is with floral arranging too! I am not really one for artificial flowers but these are just so life like and I can enjoy them all year round. So over and out for now and next post will be after my first lot of surgery so onwards and upwards as they say! Take care wherever you are and thanks for dropping by x


  1. Best of luck with your surgery, I shall be thinking of you.

  2. thinking of you Michele - it looks like you have so many wonderful friends stopping by and delivery gifts to keep a smile on your face and keeping you aware of the fact that you are loved. I hope you had a restful couple of days and that the surgery will go smoothly and you will update us when you can- in the meantime know that my thoughts are with you.

  3. All the best with your surgery Michele. Thinking of you, and you're always welcome to pop in for a cuppa when over this way in the future after visiting the beautiful Yorke Pennisula. x

  4. A short break away from home sounds like it was good for you both even though you are feeling pretty unwell. The Christmas tree looks lovely and the little ones would have loved it. Good luck Monday, my thoughts are with you. Love and hugs❤️❤️❤️

  5. Michele, you are loved so much. I hope you are feeling a little bit better and stronger every day. I am praying fervently for you to get completely back to perfect health.
    The adornment of the every day blessings figurine is massively lovely.
    Dear Michele, I wish I could give you a hug. Dear Michele, continue to be brave. I will help with that.
    Love, Rosemary

  6. It's so heartening that so many close by bring you such beautiful things to express their love. We are rooting for you, Michele.

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