Thursday, 16 May 2019

More William Morris in Adelaide

I'm a wee bit late tonight and I know many of us are feeling a tad weary from all the grandeur and information overload! So as it is late I will just let the pictures do the talking.. Our visits included Thorngrove ManorAuchendarroch HouseThe Cedars and more..........


 Tomorrow brings a well deserved rest for our guests as they sit back and relax taking in some of the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula. Do hope your have enjoyed a glimpse of it all x


  1. I did enjoy looking at all of these - such a pretty place and I know I will most likely never see in person so it is so nice to see it all on a blog!

  2. Fabulous views, thanks for posting all of them. I enjoyed them so much.

  3. Lovely photos Michele, did you see "our" quilt on the bed?

  4. Wow! Both places are fantastic. So inspiring seeing how all the fabric is used. The china - fabulous. Love the artist's studio too. Thanks ever so much.

  5. Beautiful photos Michele, you need a well deserved rest after the travelling around showing people our beautiful spots with William Morris beauties and gorgeous gardens. The rain is very welcome today and is a good time to be inside relaxing with others.
    Take care, love Jean 😀😀


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