Monday, 13 May 2019

First impressions really count

Leading a group of strangers on a tour always comes with some nervous trepidation......will they arrive safely, will they enjoy the tour and more importantly will the venues and myself satisfy their needs and expectations! I was also out of my comfort zone with a new base for the week as we are no longer staying by the seaside but in the city at the Playford Hotel. But my fears were quickly allayed because before I was even out of the car I was greeted with a smile and a wave as the concierge had all my belongings whisked to my room. I even received a complimentary coffee as I was told that was what a tour leader should get (I think it was more that my room wasn't quite ready!).......

 My room didn't disappoint either with a lovely view outside and some artwork on the wall from our beloved Robe (not sure who the woman in the image is).....

 So last night included our welcome cocktail party and lecture so I dressed to William Morris of course.....well it is actually more John Henry Dearle!.....
 Today was on foot so by the time I returned to the hotel I was foot sore and weary as I returned to my not so pristine room filled with preparation notes, maps, brochures and information for the remainder of the week.........
 We had three hours at the art gallery with a most informative guide and feedback meant that our week is set for a grand time....even the weather forecast is amazing. So more of that soon as I put the weary feet up for a rest.........


  1. Will be thinking of you this week, and we will have any rain but can't see either of us getting any. Have a great time, I am sure it will be great, they could not have a better tour leader. xxx (was zooming trying to see anyone I know in the photos!)

  2. the venue looks like a great place and lots of yummy food and drink too - have fun

  3. Sure it will be a wonderful tour - looks like it already. Just take a few minutes for yourself, Michele. Blessings,

  4. A absolutely fabulous tour - Michele was just wonderful as our guide. Loved everything - there is so much William Morris treasure to be found in Adelaide - who knew!


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