Tuesday, 29 January 2019

A new pattern means a give away!

I have had a little flurry of pattern sales on my Digital Pattern Store over the last few days and I am not really sure why....but thankyou! So with that it must be time to give a little back. I have finally completed the new "May Morris Portiere" quilt pattern instructions that will be available on the store page next week. Meanwhile leave me a comment (with your email address), and this time next week I will email two digital copies to two lucky people at no cost.......
Hopefully next week I will also have all the photos and information about the William Morris meets Beatrix Potter tour prepared so I can share that too.  Meanwhile the Hill household continues to enjoy happy times even through the excessive summer heat. We are hearing of the freezing cold temperatures in the northern hemisphere and here at home we recorded the hottest day ever since records began 130 years ago.......we reached an unbearable 46.6C last Thursday(almost 116F) and it didn't go below 31C (almost 88F) overnight either. We were out for a while on this day and the car registered 49C (120F) but I only managed to photograph 48C when we got home! One friend had her car register a whopping 51C!.....
We are so lucky to have air conditioning and I can recall as a child not having this luxury. We would sleep outside at night and get eaten alive by mosquitos (and I dont recall sleeping very much either!). The only comfort inside was a wet flannel and small fan! So with all this heat we've enjoyed some time at the beach to cool down.....

 The weekend was a little milder but still quite warm but this time we enjoyed one of our favourite activities....a steam train ride. No matter what the size we still love steam trains......

Maisie decided to cool Poppa down by painting his face with water.......
Tomorrow is her first day at kindergarten and she is very excited. She was also excited that her 'little ear' has enough earlobe for a little stick on earring but she still prefers not to wear her hearing aid......
And you will be pleased to know that William Morris is still lurking about in our lives! I have been invited to give a talk to the Yankalilla Ladies Probus Club in April and have a William Morris in Adelaide tour early May. I also received an email from the Friends of Adelaide's Botanic Gardens asking if I could assist them with putting on a William and May Morris display for all the month of May as a part of South Australia's History Festival....so of course I said yes! Being in the Botanic Gardens will be a perfect time to celebrate all of William and May Morris's designs that celebrate flowers......so more of that in May. Meanwhile enjoy our day when went to the botanic gardens for the meeting. I only had my phone with me but the images are still lovely and of parts of the garden that I haven't visited for a very long time including the 'new to me' gingko gates......

 My meeting was in the North Lodge and the ever patient Larry came prepared with his puzzle book.......

 We shared a light lunch after the meeting under the cool canopy of an enormous and very old oak tree.....

 We were being watched for quite some time and then he thought he would join us looking for leftovers.........

 As we left the gardens we noticed changes nearby including a new entrance to Adelaide University. This time leading up to the University of Adelaide's Barr Smith Library named in honour of Robert Barr Smith who also happened to be responsible for much of Adelaide's incredible William Morris collection.......
 Larry spent many years in this library and gained two academic degrees during that time.........
So another week and another thank-you for visiting........and do leave a message if you would like that new pattern! x


  1. that heat sounds absolutely unbearable - I'm not sure what our high ever was here in Arkansas but I'm thinking around 111 and staying inside the whole day. We have cold weather this week but those in the northern states and Canada are having a bad cold spell our dear daughter in Wisconsin said it will be -60 windchill today - and the actual temperature is around -10 degrees I think.
    Don't put me in for your drawing I have so many of your patterns and I know I will never ave time to make them all.
    The children have just grown and look so lively and happy - I had forgotten about Maysie's ear I assume she hears out of the other one ok?

  2. Good golly, that's some incredible heat! I thought we had it bad in summer...
    What a lovely design. I think May Morris was such a wonderful artist and I have a drawing of hers saved to embroider, one of these days. Also those ginkgo gates are beautiful! I hope the heat calms down a bit for you...

  3. Happy children! And the baby is already like its older brother and sister! Thanks for hoping to get a sample of the beautiful quilt. My mail:karita958@gmail.com

  4. I think the sales are because some amazing quilts have been posted on the Facebook group and everyone wants one! You are definitely a talented lady (with beautiful grandchildren) and I'm glad you are enjoying your retirement! I plan to make one of your quilts but have been busy making charity quilts for Hurricane victims here in Florida.

  5. I know what you mean about the heat. Canberra has been hot but not quite as hot as Adelaide. It was lovely to see pictures of the Botanic Gardens, it was always a must visit place when visiting my parents.

  6. oh, I would love the new pattern. I am one of the ones who recently discovered you!

  7. In SW Virginia, the weather is presently 15 F but the wind chill is brutal. Can't decide whether I'd rather have the air-condition-less summers I too remember or this silly stuff. Oh well, no choice. Thanks for your beautiful designs and a very enjoyable blog. My email is partrickjoan@gmail.com.

  8. The garden photos are lovely, actually, all the photos are lovely. The grands are getting big and your news about all your Morris things is grand as well.

  9. What I wouldn’t give for those temperatures! We are currently at -34 here in southern Minnesota. That’s not factoring in the windchill, which drops it to -54C. I’m staying inside and enjoying your lovely photos.

  10. The new May Morris quilt looks gorgeous! I wonder if you plan a new book based on May Morris works? I have 2 of your beautiful William Morris books and would love to see your interpretation of May Morris embroidery. Thank you for your lovely designs! My email is rozmanova@gmail.com

  11. Thank you Michele for the beautiful photos again especially the Botanic Gardens with gorgeous water lilies in flower. The little ones were enjoying the beach and little Wade is looking so grown up.
    Good to see happy photos again, take care, love and kind thoughts, Jean 😍😍

  12. Another gorgeous pattern. Looking forward to adding it to my collection.

  13. We know of what you speak of "heat". We had a few days of 118 last summer and weeks of over 100 degree weather. Our only salvation from it is the humidity is low. The beach is so fun and grands are enjoying it. Your May Morris quilt is beautiful, but then all your quilts are so. Loved the photos from the botanic gardens - that would be on our site of places to visit if we ever were that way as my husband is a botanist. Spider lilies! We have some of those. Blessings to you and all the family.

  14. Another beautiful pattern you've designed Michele!😘

  15. What another gorgeous pattern Michele. And thankyou as always for your photo's that take us away with you!
    Much Love
    Linda xx

  16. I think I will take my cold Canadian weather over that heat, sounds unbearable to me. Another lovely pattern that captures William Morris.

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