Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Decorative Arts in Adelaide

We've had another wonderful day highlighted with decorative art treasures from around the world - all precious and rare and often attached to intriguing stories and all housed in a home. This is a result of a life long passion of collecting by David Roche. We've had visions of the most beautiful Faberge, a pistol belonging to Napoleon, preciousness linked to the Royal family, a set of chairs where the matching ones are in the Hermitage Museum, handmade silk curtains and tassels from Paris and so much fact 3,000 items!

 Over lunch we had some Morris textiles tease us nearby............

We passed grand houses and gardens that are part of the Adelaide Morris story........

 and we viewed the very last stained glass windows ever produced by Morris & Co. and all right here in Adelaide......

 A perfect day full of joy and sharing x


  1. Looks like a grand day, and so glad the weather has been kind to you this week. xxxx

  2. Roche collection.... wow what a treat

  3. Wonderful images-love tassels. Thank you for sharing as always.XXXX Nydia &Ken


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