Saturday, 10 November 2018

Another tour over

This morning I said farewell to our final 2018 William Morris in Adelaide tour participants and what a wonderful week we have had. Thankyou to each and every one of you who made the week such a joy. We shared many laughs and memorable moments and it has been a wonderful way to end the year of tours. Our day yesterday concluded with a scenic drive through the Fleurieu Penisula with this fabulous vista for our farewell lunch (including some secret stops that I won't share so we don't spoil it for next year's tours!)......

This morning when Larry picked me up the weather was glorious so we decided a coffee was in order before going for a walk near the hotel where the tour group had been staying. On the September tour someone shared with me a brochure they had picked up called "Mansions of Glenelg - a self guided 45 minute historic walk". Larry grew up in Glenelg North but hadn't spent a lot of time in this area so we enjoyed it all this morning. Most of these historic homes were built in the 1800's and many have been lovingly restored so the 45 minute walk was worth every minute.......

 This was Larry's favourite.......... 

 Several properties face the beach and one was even for sale.......well part of it as the mansion has been divided into three very grand apartments.......

 There were many blooms growing on the footpaths outside some homes as well.........

 A perfect end to a perfect week. Thankyou to everyone who has come on the tours with me throughout the year....I look forward to sharing it all again next year. I hope you have a lovely week ahead x


  1. Glad all went well, great, grand old houses, thanks for the tour. xxx

  2. There are some lovely historic homes in the Glenelg area, sounds like an interesting tour, also beautiful flowers.
    Another enjoyable Adelaide tour Michele.
    😀😀 take care, xx

  3. It all sounds wonderful. Off to buy a lottery ticket - lol.


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