Sunday, 18 November 2018

A tale of hares and birds!

Another week has passed us by without any news so it is time for a catch up. But before I get to that we send our thoughts to those in the US who are battling bushfires - so much tragic loss of life. Our bushfire season has been brought forward and we are already having hot days with 35C (95F) predicted tomorrow and then it will drop again in a couple of days to 18C (64F). These weather events are most concerning and we have heard of snow storms already in Canada. Our lovely friends from Canada sent this image this month of the early snow in their backyard .....
So why 'a tale of hares and birds' you might ask?! I bought this wonderful hare in the UK some years back - I wanted a much larger one of course but Larry soon put a stop to that! I just love hares - I am sure they are a pest as rabbits are to us but how can you resist this grand version?.......
 It reminds me of William De Morgan's hare that I used in my William De Morgan Sampler.......

which I might add is for sale HERE!
So I've been playing with my drawings to appliqué items for my first Artisans Market in December.  I've managed to source some wonderful linen/cotton tea towels, pure linen table runners, aprons and canvas bags. So the work room looks like this by day......
 and then by night.......... 

I have two machines set up - one for the appliqué and the other for the cotton rope bowls and I have had a very productive week as you can see.........

 I decided to use a bronze like print to reflect my hare and find I am surrounded by reflections of gold and bronze where I work......

 Today was a great day to get all the tea towels washed and dried.....
  and they are now all pressed and ready to pack... so I feel pleasantly organised for a change!.......
 This morning I received an email from Renaissance Tours asking me if I could help spread the word about next year's Morris to Mackintosh Tour to be held in September (2019). I was only too happy to oblige as I had recommended the charming Robert Reason to lead the tour after I had declined. I would love for this tour to go ahead for Robert....he is much quieter than me (!!), and I am sure it will suit all you academics down to the ground. Check the link for the itinerary....more of that soon. Meanwhile Helen of Whitecroft Tours is putting the final itinerary together for the 2020 'William Morris meets Beatrix Potter' tour so more of that soon too! Two fabulous tours to please all walks of life from the studious to those who know me through quilting! Life is indeed good x


  1. Lovely towels and goodies, hope you sell lots, all for a good price of course!!! xxx

  2. I love those rope bowls that you are making and the hare! have good luck on your market adventure and hope all this work pays off for you in the end.

  3. Simple elegance with the towels and bags, very William, very you 💖

  4. I always love patterns with hares or bunnies! Thank you for your good wishes to us in California; Paradise is my neighbor town, just a few miles up the ridge, and this is all indescribably horrible. So many friends left homeless...

  5. Hi Michele, it is so difficult to find nice cotton linen tea towels. If you can, would you share from where you sourced yours. I love to applique on tea towels for gifts but finding reasonable ones is difficult. I can't tell you enough how much I enjoy your blog and the antics of your lovely family. You are the reason I fell in love with applique and many of my friends are addicts now too. I hope I bump into you at a show one day. I think you and your musings are wonderful. Take care of you. Mon

    1. Hi Mon....can you email me with your email address so I can let you know where I got the tea towels from? At the moment the email came through to me from you saying you were "A no reply comment @ blogger" Ta x

    2. So sorry about that Michele. My email address is
      Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you
      Cheers, Mon

  6. Thank you for your thoughts about our wildfires. While I am not in the path of either (I'm in the South and those fires are to the west of me), I grieve for all who are affected by them. Like you, our fire season seems to be continual now, what with our continuing drought. As to the temps, 34C would be welcome here. For us, it's temps 38C + that get to use and last year we had a couple of 48C. Next year, I may go north just to get out of the heat. Your work looks delightful, Michele. You're always on the go - more power to you and be sure to tell how the Artisans Market goes. Blessings,


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