Wednesday, 10 October 2018

William Morris Inspiration "For Sale"

William Morris remains an inspiration to so many and has even been featured in a new range of fashion. Back in early September I shared the news HERE about the new release from H&M that was created in collaboration with Morris & Co. If you do a search on the net there are pages of reviews and clearly it has been very popular as most of it is SOLD OUT!! I couldn't decide on which of the following I might purchase from the UK website as I am sure it will not be coming to Australia........well it didn't really matter as there is nothing left unless you are extra, extra tiny in size.......

 It reminds me of what I was wearing back in the 1970's and I still have a beloved dress tucked away for sentimental value. How on earth I ever had a waist that size is beyond me.....I just measured the dress and the waistline is only 26 inches!! I even have a photo of a memorable evening where I wore it as I had dinner with Larry to tell him I was pregnant for the first time.....and that was over 37 years ago........and the hair colour was all natural back then too!!

So no H&M Morris inspired fashion for me! But maybe if I lived in the UK I might find some antique Morris fabric this weekend and then I could finally get my late Mum's chair covered. It is on this coming Saturday - the London Antique and Vintage Textile Fair.....
When I got a quote to get the chair re-upholstered I was told it would cost me about $800 in labour and then I would need 6-8 metres of fabric and I have a feeling that the current Morris furnishing fabric prices are at least $180 a metre. So I think $2000+ to cover an old chair might be a bit out of reach! But then again maybe I can raise some funds somehow? Larry and I have often lamented about my 'stash' of quilts that live on a high shelf in the walk-in-robe never to be seen again. He often jokes that it is his financial security if I fall off the perch before him, so I've decided after long and hard consideration that I am going to start selling some! We have kept a record of how many of my William Morris inspired quilts I have given away to charities for fund raising raffles and so far it is five of them and all large ones. I've also lost two quilts in the post so it is time to bite the bullet and go for it! The following quilts are the first ones I will have for sale and you can see more on the "Quilts For Sale" page at the top of this blog. 
William and May Morris Sampler


William de Morgan


A William Morris Garden

Coffee with William Morris

Medieval Morris

Morning Glory

and there are a few more.....just check the Quilts for Sale page where you will find all the details. I will conclude with our first pick of the season from the front garden. Thanks again for dropping by......


  1. Hi Michele, the H & M range are nice, but I wondered what you think of some of the negative reviews I’ve read about them being 100% polyester and against the original principles of Morris - quality and natural products etc?

  2. Love the photo of you and Larry, so 70's and so cute!! All the best with the sale of your quilts, I might just have a "few" surplus to requirements too!! xxx

  3. Seeing your photo with Larry shows me what Maisie will look like all grown up.

  4. best of luck on your quilts for sale, I have got so many too and wonder what to do with them, I have sold a few now and then and given away. Love the 70's photo!

  5. It will be hard to part with some of your beautiful quilts but sometimes we need to just do things, don't we. Love the first of your roses, gorgeous colour and what a cute photo of you and Larry, good to look back on our lives sometimes.
    Take care, love from Jean 😍😍


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