Tuesday, 10 April 2018

'William Morris in Adelaide' Tour Part one

I know many of you are waiting to see how our inaugural Adelaide Morris tour is going so here is a quick snapshot....there is not much time to take photos when you are meant to be guiding! This is our home for the week right beside the seaside. I have a city view room and get the magical lights at night but some guests enjoy this when they wake in the morning........

 All set up for our guest speaker at our welcome cocktail event..........
 Unfortunately the weather has not been kind and it has been unseasonably hot which was not good for our walking tour of the city yesterday. It should be in the low 20's but reached 36C! None the less we had a wonderful morning with the delightful Rebecca Evans, Curator of European and Australian Decorative Arts at the Art Gallery of South Australia. She is very passionate about textiles and fashion and luckily for us all things William Morris. I love how she makes William Morris relevant to the world we currently live in and she is such fun as well....
 I pinched these two photos from one of our guests as they are way better than mine! This is my absolute favourite of the Art Gallery's Morris collection - 'Porteire' and too big to fold out in its entirety......... (thanks Pam for the pics x)

 I won't share too many more images as it will spoil it for others that are coming on future tours but this was the scene for lunch with May Morris designed embroideries hanging behind us.........

 Today we visited St Augustines to see the Morris stained glass and my dear friend Faye helped Larry with some of my quilt collection out on display on the pews...........

 Carrick Hill did not disappoint but I will save it all for the other tours.........

 We are all having a wonderful time and hoping for a cool breeze soon so I'll have more in a few days x


  1. Have been thinking of you all, bad luck about the heat, but perhaps better than rain?? Enjoy, and I am sure you are the perfect hostess. xxx

  2. hope it cools off for the future things outside. I love that staircase you show in the last photo - I love stairs like that! your quilts like so pretty spread across the church like that - so lovely. Love those windows in the church

  3. Wow. Looks like a wonderful tour. I love all your quilts hanging over the pews!

  4. What a wonderful look at the tour. Love it all especially your quilts at the church, the stained glass, well, every picture you sent. Thank you.

  5. Love the photos Michele, they are just lovely. The weather has cooled down a bit now which makes it more comfort.
    Looking forward to more news and photos.
    Love and kind thoughts, Jean 😍😍


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