Thursday, 19 April 2018

William Morris Today

It would seem that the designs of not only William but also his daughter May Morris are well and truly alive and relevant for today. Everywhere I look I see contemporary designers clearly influenced by their designs. In the shops this week I found a personal care range and even some clothing......
I found it so refreshing to hear Rebecca Evans (the European and Australian Decorative Arts Curator at the Art Gallery of South Australia), during our William Morris in Adelaide tours, reinforce the relevance to Morris in our lives today. To hear a young inspiring curator look at his ideals and work ethic in our current world made so much sense. I have just caught up with a friend this afternoon for a well overdue chat over coffee and she shared that she had seen this latest publication in the local book shop so I just had to have it. It is a beautiful book that was published for the special May Morris: Art and Life exhibition that was held earlier this year at the William Morris Gallery in the UK. I have been wanting this book for a while now and I know I will be spending many hours admiring it all. It was a great thrill to see our collection here in Adelaide highlighted in the book as well.......

 I also received an email form a friend to tell me that perhaps I should consider buying the latest issue of Today's Quilter from the can see why!......
 During the week I also came across this image of Mick Jagger.......thankyou to Karen tonight who alerted me to my is in fact George Harrison wearing a William Morris print jacket in the Golden Lily pattern in the 1960' then and now we still love Morris!

It has been just a few days since I farewelled the guests on our very first tour and I was overwhelmed with their kind words and gifts to say thankyou. It was certainly a great thrill to know that many said it exceeded their expectations. And in just 10 sleeps I will be doing it all again! During the days before the tour I did spend some time with little Maisie and decided to take her to the Art Gallery. She enjoyed it all as you can see.......

 We also had the wonderful opportunity of helping a friend celebrate her 60th birthday and what a wonderful surprise it was for her especially the special birthday cake..........
 I received an email a few days ago from Helen showing me her completed Peter Rabbit interactive bed runner/bag and what a fabulous job she did. Thankyou for sharing Helen......

 So it just wouldn't be right if I didn't conclude with some photos of little Wade. We can't quite believe he has been here almost 6 months but in real terms he is only 13 weeks old and already enjoying a swimming lesson........
Till next time take care x


  1. It is so wonderful seeing little Wade at the health he is now from the photos you showed early on - in another year he will be close to the size he should be and doing all sorts of things. Your Morris photos are wonderful I can't remember where I saw some recently. I have been seeing sewing machine cakes now and then they are cute.
    p.s. LOL you have your rock stars wrong - that is an old photo of the late George Harrison of the old Beatles :)

  2. Glad your tour went well Michele, hope you get some breathing space before the next one, greetings from the other side of the world!! xxxx

  3. What a great tour, I am loving the pictures of it and of course the family. Brightens my day. Thank you.

  4. Maisie looks so cute in that outfit. Her hair has really grown out - so cute. I'm seeing Morris around here, too. Cushions, padded chairs and photos. I think people need nature more around them and bring it into their homes with Morris's style. Swimming already!

  5. The tour looks fabulous, I love all those ornate textures, it looks like an inspiration overload. Lucky people.



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