Sunday, 10 September 2017

Thankyou and Kia Ora

As we wait for our flights I can send all our thankyou's - firstly to Expertise Events for flying us over so that we could enjoy our days at the Craft and Quilt Fairs. We had the best time and enjoyed it all. Thankyou to so many who came to say hello - previous students and friends and some who are coming to Symposium in just a few weeks. As I reflect on my 30 plus years of quilting I never ever forget how lucky I have been to see and do what I have.....and often being able to take my best friend Larry with me as well. We love New Zealand and next time we return together it will be for a long holiday. (We've had so many wonderful offers of accommodation!!) You do the best cheese scones anywhere and of course we will let you be the original creators of the Pavlova...........
 but we still might claim the Lamington!........(sorry to those of you in the rest of the has been an ongoing discussion for the origins of these delights!!)
 It was special to meet you Diane and I am so glad you have had so much pleasure from making this quilt.............

 So farewell New definitely are the inventors of the flat white! See you again soon x


  1. such pretty cakes and pretty quilt too - have a good flight home

  2. Safe travels and happy homecoming with your family. So lovely to see you both once more.

  3. I have spent the last half hour reading and viewing your posts. I feel like I visited New Zealand and what a great trip I had! Of course, I can't get over the most beautiful quilts...even John Deere which is prevalent here in tractors. All wonderful including my side trip to Wikipedia to learn about Lamington cake! Thank You!

  4. That dessert stopped me in my tracks. Yum to both! I had to laugh out loud when I saw that flight schedule. Welcome home.


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