Tuesday, 29 November 2016

A new wardrobe!

Good morning/evening wherever you are...time for another catch up before someone asks if I am still here! It has been an eventful week but very different with Larry back at work for a few weeks. He did have an unexpected early minute on Friday so we took the opportunity to have a coffee and see the Christmas frenzy in the stores....seems to start so early but I love the displays and Christmas trees........

Our tree is already up because of two little people who helped of course and all the decorations that bring such lovely memories......... 
This quirky wool felted reindeer came from Iceland and many others from our trips to the UK.....

The week also saw me in a frenzy of sewing for my Summer wardrobe while Larry also spent time de-stressing from the job...........
 As for me.......well I didn't stop at just two of those tops but ended up making four!  I found the pattern so easy and the top so comfortable to wear.......

 and then while I was in the mood to make clothes I made Maisie three new little dresses......only I forgot to take photos of the finished product. So three in progress and then some photos from Emily where Maisie is already wearing one........

And did I tell you about our roses??!! These are from the climbing Pierre-de-Ronsard and I couldn't stop taking photos of them! They change colour depending on the light in the room....... 

The Monarch butterfly caterpillars have returned but a little earlier than usual. They last appeared in March this year when they demolished this milkweed bush and as we've already counted 15 of them the bush will soon be gone......so wonderful to watch the transformation before becoming butterflies. Till next time thanks for dropping by and take care x


  1. Again, lovely pictures of roses, happy faces, new clothes and OH those Christmas trees and decorations. Sure made a "not so good day so, so, so much brighter" Thank you.

  2. Lovely Christmas things but I am so impressed with your new wardrobe. I have a post written about sewing your own clothes; back when I was lamenting not being able to find clothes for me someone wrote me saying make your own. I am so tempted to give it a try. My gosh, those roses are glorious and such a happy needlepointing husband too!

    1. Thanks Jocelyn.......hope you get this message as you are still a "no reply" blogger and I don't seem to have your email address! Larry loves his tapestry and I am pleased with my efforts too!

  3. what beautiful flowers you have!! and all the xmas decorations are so pretty - I haven't even looked at any still I haven't been in the shops - must do that sometime in the next couple weeks. I am no good at making tops I wish I was.

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  5. How clever you are to be making clothes, I haven't done that since I started quilting. My daughter and I started an outfit last year and it took all morning just to open the pattern, decide on the size and cut out the pattern pieces and pin them to the fabric and finally cut around the pattern. It all got too hard and we never did finish it. So congratulations to you. Love your roses xx

  6. Hi Michelle, I love the tops you have made. What pattern did you use? I have recently bought some fabric, AC885 Morris - Leaves - Stone Green, from Grandmothers Garden here in NZ to make a dress. A bit extravagant but so beautiful. Robyn:-)


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