Saturday, 12 November 2016

A Day of Smiles

To go from a day of Remembrance yesterday to one of celebration today seems a little 'wrong' but today it was all about the children and Father Christmas came to town. But before that our thoughts are with the many friends who have once again been hit by our continuing weather events....this time damaging hailstones the size of golf balls and more flooding and blackouts. As I write this it is once again pouring with rain and the heaters are back on and in a few days it will be hot again....thank goodness the rain abated for today's parade.  So to today....Adelaide's Christmas pageant celebrated 84 years today and it all started with Sir Edward Hayward who married Ursula Barr Smith, the family who we owe our huge William Morris collection to. The history of our pageant is even on wikipedia and it was here that I read that Sir Edward was inspired by the Toronto Santa Clause Parade and Macey's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Being a wealthy store owner Sir Edward started this icon in 1933 at the time of the depression and as a way of bringing joy during hard times to everyone......and today it is still going and the smiles and joy were just fabulous. It all started with our very early train journey........(And thanks Emily and Sophie for some of the photos).....
It was extra special this year as Sophie was one of the performers.....a bit of a reunion with some girls she danced with many years ago......
They looked fabulous as reindeers with Sophie's friend Sally on the right........
We had a couple of hours to fill in before the parade reached us so it was time for chalk drawings and bubbles..........and sadly a bit of rain....

But once the parade reached us the sun shone starting with our amazing police horses and police band.........

 And there was Sophie right at the start who had apparently got drenched in the rain at the beginning of the parade. Like Sophie these performers are all volunteers and sing, dance and smile for almost an hour and for almost 4 kms ........

 So many bands, dancers and floats and I took 227 photos so here are just a few.........

 We won't talk about how our real "baggy greens" team is performing at the moment though!......

 And then the man they were all waiting for finally arrived......

I am glad I could share this special event x


  1. what a wonderful looking Santa! your daughter in costume is so cute - bet you all had fun - seems a little early for Christmas I have barely begun to think of it but it will be here soon too Christmas parades here normally start Thanksgiving day (the 24th this year) and off and on the following two weeks.

  2. So nice to see the Christmas pageant without having to do the waiting in the rain, thanks for sharing!

  3. Thankyou for capturing the magic of the pagent. Such a happy occasion for all.

  4. What a fabulous parade. I'm so impressed with the array of costumes and how special to share it with the big and little kiddies.

  5. Just wonderful images from the Christmas pageant, so colourful and magical captivating young and older. I am so inspired I think I will put up our tree tonight while I am watching Poldark. It is usually a week after the pageant, but your photos have inspired me.xxxx

  6. Wow Michele, such a lot of fantastic photos, and isn't the weather so changeable? xx

  7. What a wonderful parade great for the big and little kids too.xxxx

  8. The Kings and their camels are wonderful. Heck, all the photos are wonderful.


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