Thursday, 14 July 2016

Panic mode

Just as one thinks life is smooth sailing little interruptions bring one back to reality...and gratefulness!  We have just had two days of forceful winds, thunder, hail and in many parts of the Adelaide hills some snow, which doesn't happen very often. Sadly one life was taken and so tragically as he was clearing the roads to make the place safe for others......
 Our street lost many trees and for 24 hours we heard the sound of chainsaws and in fact as I type this I can still hear chainsaws and that is two days later. We are so grateful to all the emergency service personnel who must have been sleep deprived for several days. Most of the damaged trees have now been cut to their base so we are not sure if they will be replaced or not......

 and even a shed roof just four houses away........
 But the other reason for my "panic mode"?? My layout expert has been working away on the book and I was about to sign off the final proof of 58 pages when he was informed by the print team that it would be cheaper to print 64 pages......go figure??!! Apparently it is to do with the spread sheets and cutting process so having to suddenly fill six blank pages in two days sent me in panic mode! So dearest Helen came to my rescue at very short notice. We spent several hours emailing each other from the UK to Australia and I now have several wonderful images to fill the pages! I had hoped for some historic artwork but the prices to buy each image are cost prohibitive so we have managed to use our own. But of course one can't just have images alone so I decided that the extra quilt I've been working on will also be included in the back of the book! Only it will be a partially completed quilt.....all instructions and progress photos only so that will be fun! The photos are pretty ordinary as they were taken in a hurry this morning on my phone but there is a lot of "Peter Rabbit Blue".........

 So for the next 24 hours I will be working hard to finally sign off the book as will the layout contractor! So for my final peaceful note I thought I would share this lovely video. We will be visiting most of these places very soon.......and Buscot Park which I think should be on the list too.....enjoy!


  1. OH, I will be excited to see the extra pages, and the blue quilt in progress excites me also. I like things in progress, I have lots of them. What a lovely place, thanks for sharing Buscot with is.

  2. your storms sound like the kind we get here in the states! scary yes. Your book sounds wonderful!! do you think any shops in the US will carry it?

  3. Sounds like you had a regular cyclone go through there. Praying that won't happen again any time soon.


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