Thursday, 28 July 2016

Local talent

Larry had a work appointment during the week so I decided to go with him with the intent of visiting an exhibition that was nearby and that a friend had told me about on the weekend.....thanks Raelene! It always intrigues me why we are drawn to some people's work and not others.....a little bit why we are attracted to one's partner or not I suppose!! One quilter who lives locally has always gained my attention - her work is always so creative, original and something I would want hanging on my walls at home. I have no photos of her quilts but I did contact her a few days ago to ask her permission to share her most recent work and she said Yes! Thank you so much Andie Marten.......I just love what you are doing! I did not have my camera with me so once again the mobile phone came to the rescue and first up our mutual love of nurturing butterflies.........

 love, love these stitched panels........

 Andie has clearly be working in the area of paper making and book construction and her combination of textiles and stitching is a perfect blend of artistry.........

 The exhibition is being held at Gallery M and closes on Sunday so if you live locally do pop in. There are three other artists and you can read about the theme on the gallery link.......With Words / Without Words. I am so glad I could see it and thanks Andie for allowing me to share your incredible talent with readers all over the world! xx


  1. the work you show is just so pretty - glad you had a chance to see it.

  2. Gosh they a rebautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing Andie's work. It is charming and sophisticated at the same time. I will return to this post to ogle it some more.

  4. What a wonderful exhibit. Thanks for sharing.


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