Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

It is almost midnight on Christmas Eve and by the time I finish this post it will most probably be Christmas Day! While Christmas is different for everybody for us it is family time and reminds us how blessed we all are. This special time also comes with sadness as we remember family and friends who are no longer with us. But this year will be extra special with the little people in our lives and yesterday the first wonderful gift we received was the news of our second daughter's engagement to Tim. Tim had been to visit Larry two days ago to ask his permission so we already knew about it. Last night Tim planned a surprise proposal with a picnic tea on their newly laid foundations for the new home they are building together - so very special and we are so happy for them both. Yesterday Beau and Maisie also finally visited Father Christmas. I didn't have my camera with me but the phone sufficed……..

 Maisie wasn't so sure about that fellow in the red coat but Beau certainly knows what it is all about and just had to put in his order. This year all he has wanted is a "Hot Wheels Santa Sleigh". We all searched high and low in many stores and Emily finally discovered it is a $20 Advent Calendar……bless his little socks!  Maisie was very taken with the nativity scene nearby and that little face was besotted with baby Jesus in the manger……...

 Their faces were priceless watching the carol singers……...

I spent most of today in the kitchen preparing for lunch and dinner with the family at home. Sadly it is going to be a very hot day (again!), so our plans for dining outside have been changed. The Weber BBQ was sizzling with turkey and chicken and the veranda will just have to wait for a cool change……….
 Times like this the kitchen just doesn't seem big enough!
The big people's gifts are ready………..
 and the little people's gifts have been under the tree all week. It was delightful to hear that during the week Beau had asked his Mum if he could visit Santa to ask permission to open the presents under the tree at Nanna and Poppa's! He is such a dear soul and we will certainly enjoy watching the unwrapping……….

 So all is ready inside………...

 Thank you to each and every one of you who visit the blog and I am glad it brings pleasure. My wish to you is that however you celebrate Christmas, I hope it is special x


  1. Merry Christmas Michele. I love hearing about your grands at Christmas- my little grandson just wants M&Ms from Santa this year. We are unseasonably warm and rainy with flooding all around us sounds like weird weather for all.

  2. your kitchen counter looks like mine - piled high - I need to try to organize some of this. Merry Christmas to you and your family - the kids look so delightful and excited - little Maisie is getting such long legs! Happy news for you of your daughter's engagement.
    (love santa's chair!)

  3. Merry Christmas to you and Larry and family. Congrats on the engagement, a wedding to think about now! Stay cool today. xx

  4. Merry Christmas Michele. I am very happy as Father Christmas gave me your May Morris book. I am sitting relaxing with a coffee deciding which project I will start with. My peace will shatter any time soon as we have 20 family members coming for lunch. Happy new year and may 2016 be kind to you

  5. Happy Christmas and hope all went well. We are recovering from busy meals etc over the last few days. Thank heavens there are lots of leftovers to cooking for a few days.

  6. Merry Christmas. I love having your blog in my list. X

  7. Christmas is even better with young children around. Happy New Year, I am certain that 2016 will be great! xxx

  8. Christmas is even better with young children around. Happy New Year, I am certain that 2016 will be great! xxx


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