Wednesday 16 December 2015

Birds, birthdays and blogging babble!

There are times when I am sure my 'blogging babble' is full of nonsensical trivia but I am told by many they love to read it so here it is…..birds, birthdays, a backpack and some exciting In the Beginning Fabric news! I have a birthday in a few days…something I still loathe after 59 years! The birthday cards are swallowed by the Christmas ones, everyone is in pre-christmas frenzy mode often asking if you have done your Christmas shopping yet. I never post Christmas cards until after my birthday so this week I decided to celebrate it a few days early. My Monday sewing girls showered me with cards and a beautiful posy (thankyou Lorna x)

 It was while I was taking a photo of the posy I was thinking about the heat and the outside birds and came to realise there are lots of birds inside the house too (joining the dust on the books and the Beatrix Potter collection!). Of course high on the list are the William Morris birds and others I have collected over the years……...

 even a bird thimble and pin cushion……..
 Being Christmas there are all the birds on the tree including some very old and fragile glass ones that belonged to my Mum……….

 I have a robin purchased in Broadway in the Cotswolds and a resplendent peacock………..

 There is a bird on the candle jar and on top of the fruit bowl……..
 Then outside in the garden…..
 This little chap is a hand carved wooden pen that I gave my Mum years before she died - she shared my love of birds too……...
 The little bird below left was one of several handmade Christmas gifts from a very special friend Kitty and hangs on my dressing table all year round. Every year Kitty makes us a new decoration - thank you Kitty for this years x Then there is all the bird jewellery - well some of it!
The little blue wren brooch was another gift from me to my Mum……..

 The little silver necklace was purchased in Ireland many years ago and the other bird lives in the loo!
On Monday I also received an early birthday gift - this amazing hand stitched block holder from Kay. While her son Adam was going through gruelling cancer treatment I can recall sending her a couple of AA Milne quotes just to let her know she was in my thoughts……..
 So here in the centre of this gorgeous piece she has included one of my favourites……..
 Along with using some William Morris fabric Kay has included some from my In the Beginning Fabric collections. It is so special and even more so being lovingly hand stitched…..thankyou my dear friend x
 Speaking of In the Beginning fabrics I am thrilled to share that the gift range promotions are now on the internet which you can see here at In The Beginning Studio. It is a great honour to be amongst such amazing talent like the artist Julie Pashkis…….
Jason Yenter also has a collection of gifts titled Celestial………
I met Jennifer Heynen on our visit to Houston in 2012 and her designs are as bright and bubbly as she is……..
and then there is yours truly and I am chuffed to bits to see it displayed this way……
So ask your local quilt shop to get stock if something tickles your fancy! More gifts arrived this week in the post…….a Christmas one from Heather of the Barossa Quilt Cottage but I've decided it was an early birthday present just because I can! Thankyou so much Heather - the table runner uses more of my fabric collection so it was lovely to have a bit more of Morris and Miss Potter……….

The next three days we will be hibernating as we are not expecting the temperature to go below 40C! It is already 39C today with 42C (107.6F!) expected for the next 3 days. Yesterday we had a horrendous lightning and thunder storm and the computer shut down several times as we were struck by nearby lightning - quite scary but the brief rain was wonderful. During these heat waves we think of the poor birds so the birdbath is frequently topped up. So today was 'my day' where I bought myself some more birthday treats. A new delicious all cotton nightie and brunch coat - something I have not bought for many years so I was in need of them………
And the bargain of the year……..a Liberty shirt reduced from $150 to just $71 with some summery pants to go with them………..

Some more heavenly Jurlique lavender bath oil that I use every night. This local company are now worldwide and it is wonderful that it all started here at home in the Adelaide Hills and all 100% natural too……….
 So the final B for the blogging babble is the Backpack! I've done some more stitching and made this for Beau who starts kindy next year. I think I might need to make myself one - maybe different fabric though!
And then while I was on the sewing frenzy another little dress for Miss Maisie…………
 So I think it is time I wrapped these gifts, placed them under the tree and then give thanks that I am able to celebrate another birthday even if it is just before Christmas! Take care (especially those experiencing these dreadful weather conditions including those in Sydney who have just lost their homes from the storms) x


  1. first off Happy Birthday - my mother's birthday would have been today and she very much knew what you mean about a birthday close to Christmas - it does get lost in the shuffle but I always tried to visit for her birthday although that meant I missed her on Christmas. I love all your trinkets and gifts that you show. The bouquet of flowers is so pretty. I think grandchildren are going to love the presents you have made for them.

  2. Michelle. I congratulate you happy birthday! I wish health and happiness to you and your family. After two weeks, I have also the birthday of ...

  3. Great post. I love the birds and have Mum's glass bird on my tree too. You have sewn some gorgeous things for the grandchildren. Happy birthday too.

  4. Great post. I love the birds and have Mum's glass bird on my tree too. You have sewn some gorgeous things for the grandchildren. Happy birthday too.

  5. I love reading your posts and seeing what you are doing, the grandies are going to love their presents. Lovely collection of birds, I have several that were my mothers which sit on the tree every Christmas, they are special. have a lovely Christmas.

  6. Happy Birthday, Michele!! I have one in December also and know just what you mean about it getting lost in the Season. ...after 59 years you say - does this mean it's your 60th? You look very young for a 50 something and that's good! I enjoyed your post about the birds and the gifts. Have a wonderful time with your lovely family as we celebrate the Greatest Gift. Merry Christmas

  7. Michele, first Happy Birthday! I had a brother who was born a few minutes after midnight on the 26th, thanks to a doctor who delayed things as long as he could. By the time he was 4 we began celebrating his birthday on the 26th of January just so he could have birthday parties.

    In yesterday's blog at the end of the books there is what appears to be a new publication entitled Dear William. Do you know yet when we might be able to buy a copy for ourselves?

  8. Hope you have a lovely birthday and the weather gets a bit cooler. I also have a pre Christmas birthday - always display my birthday cards in a different place to the Christmas ones! Love your bird collection, especially the sweet brooch.

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