Sunday, 13 December 2015

Icicles and ice-cream

It is late Sunday night so it must be time for a weekly update…..but no William Morris or Miss Potter tonight! The "Icicles" I speak of are of the flashing sort to celebrate the festive season. Our neighbourhood is full of magical light displays so I thought we should really join in with just a simple strand of twinkling icicles around the front porch……..
 It is wonderful to see the effort some people go to for the pleasure of others………..

 There was also "ice-cream" during the week with a visit to the market another day where Larry caught up with a work colleague………

 I've also managed to do some stitching as well this week… outfit and matching bag for Miss Maisie for Christmas……….
 and completed a reversible quilt for Beau with Star Wars and Super Heroes on one side and Christmas motifs on the other……..

I've hand stitched some Christmas coasters for little gifts complete with an insulated fleece……….(And yes Dot…….the pinwheel style strikes again!)

We've had our favourite builder do some more work out the back at the end and side of the pergola to help keep out the sun and rain and we love it…….
This afternoon and evening we had the little ones again while their Mum worked a nursing shift and Dad did some study. We decided to spend it in a local park for Christmas Carols. I baked some little quiches ready for a picnic tea and then Beau and Maisie were dressed for the occasion after a very early bath…………

 There was a visit from a clown who made some amazing balloon animals much to the delight of two little people……..

 After much carol singing Father Christmas arrived on a country fire service truck with lights flashing and excitement galore! On the way home we managed to see some fireworks so it was a memorable night all round. So all is quiet at home again while we enjoy our little tree. I hope life is twinkling for you wherever you are……


  1. the children are growing and look so cute in the holiday red. you are lucky to have your little ones near by to visit with. Our daughter from Wisconsin and the family will be here the day after Christmas for a couple days- it will be great to see them - I haven't since I went to visit in March - the grandchildren and 13 & 15 now - they grow up so quickly. I haven't gotten any outside lights up yet this year for Christmas - hope to soon but expecting rain today so will need to wait until that is done.

  2. Thanks for sharing your lovely times as grandparents. You and Larry are making some wonderful memories for Beau and Maisie and it is lovely to see the joy in their faces. Merry Christmas to your family and I hope 2016 is a year of many blessings for you all. Much love, Jan Mac

  3. You're having a wonderful Christmas season. The simplest excusions turn out memorable. Beau and Maisie are so fortunate. Isn't if fun being GPs!


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