Thursday 31 December 2015

Another year over

Another year has passed us by and the new calendar is waiting to be hung. Each year Larry and I wait to purchase until after Christmas when the calendars come down to half price. We also try to find something quirky with this past year being one of graffiti art. Well we just couldn't go past this one seeing as it will be the year of the inaugural Beatrix Potter Tour with Helen. And yes it is propped up on the enormous Beatrix wedding quilt which is taking me weeks to quilt…………
I started this quilt for the new book in August and it has taken many more months than I anticipated and I still have two small projects to complete before the weeks of typing commences! Christmas has been and gone for another year so a few photos to share. Emily sent me these images from Christmas morning in their house……
 And then there was the fun in our house……….

 Brett had purchased this battery operated police bike for Beau some months back but it remained in the box unopened until we offered to buy it. What a hoot seeing Beau lean forward like a natural -  he must have been watching motorbike riders! Maisie even thought she'd like a go…….

 Because of other family commitments it is hard to have everyone all together at once so we only had four of us and the two little ones for lunch…….(we never manage to get all of us in the photos though!)……..
 Tim and Sophie came for Christmas tea but sadly no photos of the rest of us. So instead I have pinched this from Sophie's Facebook page of the memory of the surprise marriage proposal picnic on their new home building site two days before Christmas!…..
So as this year closes I would like to once again say thankyou to each and every one of you who visit the blog. This last year has been much quieter for me with travel and teaching and for that I was thankful as there was a little childcare and new book planning to be done. Next year seems to be a different story with teaching and travelling near and far. I am so looking forward to teaching in Norfolk Island, more teaching in New South Wales and Victoria but before that several gatherings including Bacchus Marsh, Peterborough and the Geltwood Quilt Festival. And of course the Whitecroft Tours in September and October. Not long after my return I am a guest at the Needlework Tool Collectors of Australia's biennial conference in Melbourne, so a busy year ahead…….
So why the image of patterns? Over the years I have been asked numerous times how many William Morris inspired quilts I have actually made. I have no idea so from New Year's day onward I am going to record each one chronologically including the original inspiration. That way when it comes time to print another Blogger diary I will have a permanent record for the family! So with some of these quilts I will be giving away the pattern……so stayed tuned! My final wish is to you reading this - may the coming year be full of good health, happy times and a little bit of stitching (if that is what you like to do!). I will leave you with these images I took yesterday…..and only two minutes from our front door! Happy New Year! xx


  1. Happy New Year to you Michelle and your wonderful family. Xmas morning with the little ones is a special time for sure. I know we enjoy being with our grandchildren this week even though it was the day after Christmas it was such a great surprise to have our daughter let us know several weeks ago that they could come for a visit. We too could not get a photo of all together. Looking forward to seeing a photo of the complete Beatrix Potter quilt.

  2. To the Hill Family, may you have a very happy healthy wonderful 2016 and Michele thank you for what you do you are great, Margie

  3. Happy New Year to you and Larry, hope 2016 is a good one for you both.

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