Friday, 20 November 2015

To blog or not to blog?

Well to blog or not to blog is certainly the question this week as I really had nothing of significance to blog about! It would just be full of sorrow with the recent tragic world events, the fact that I have once again succumbed to a razor blade throat and stuffy head and that Australia is also once again reaching record breaking heat waves and it is only Spring!  Bushfires have already started and I even heard that the US had a record breaking year for bushfires as well. But one needs to rise above it all and enjoy each day. It was a joy to see that Karen from Karen's Quilting Room had finally finished her version of Floral Fantasy. You can see her records on the link and I am so in awe of the fact she did the entire quilt by hand…..needle turn appliqué and hand quilted………it is gorgeous Karen…...
After she washed the quilt it took on a whole new dimension - I love the antique look of it even with the use of modern colours…………

This quilt design was from my second book - "More William Morris in Appliqué". If you have been wanting a copy I suggest you get one now as they will soon be out of print. (I did notice they were quite cheap on Amazon the other day). So on the home front I've been feeling pretty ordinary but need to find the energy soon as we have two little people for a few hours this afternoon. So no really interesting news or photos except to say my pile of quilts is waiting for the right conditions to be re-photographed! I've borrowed a frame and am just waiting for either early morning or early evening where there is some cloud cover (to avoid shadows), and absolutely no wind…might be waiting a while! Take care wherever you are and above all stay safe x


  1. Heat waves already! I hope you are feeling better soonest. Despite saying you didn't have anything to post about, I feel you did what with Karen's Floral Fantasy. Love, love the one on the frame. Blessings,

  2. Love your quilts Michele and one day plan to do another!

  3. This quilt looks very beautiful. Though it is seen that ornaments are antique materials are new and it looks really cool.


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