Sunday, 29 November 2015

It's all about books

I can recall my late parents lamenting that retirement was busier than working life and now I can quite understand that. Crazy as it sounds it is a common thread when talking to other retirees. So once again another busy week has passed with every minute utilised. I am about to share a very sad juxtaposition as I talk about our book collection when people not too faraway have lost everything in the first season's bush fires…..and it is still only Spring. Our thoughts are with the families of those who have lost loved ones and for the seriously injured as well. Having mentioned just recently my respect for our rural friends, we now grieve for all that they have lost. Thousands of animals, acres of crops and worst of all homes - 87 of them. (You can read more about it on that 'homes' link). As we were finally unpacking the last boxes since our move almost 2 years ago we were commenting on how unimaginable it would be to lose not only our home but also every single possession in it. But unpack we did and my post will now share that. Larry is a "bookaholic" and he finds it very hard to part with any of them. Every single room in the house has books so I am not sure we would ever be able to have an uncluttered environment! We've just had some special shelves built and I talked Larry into having doors put on them to help reduce the dust………
 Larry has sorted them all and he commented that this is the first time he has had his entire collection in one place……...
There are his university books including some Thomas Hardy and his beloved Penguin classics…….

 Some of his fantasy/science fiction collection……...

 and a large collection of cricket books that belonged to his late father………..
 My late parents were also book lovers and I kept a few from their book of the month club series from the 1950's…...
 The new shelf unit is in the master bedroom which is Larry's domain so he can lie in bed admiring them all. But then there is my room………yes we have our own bedroom and even our own bathroom - it is so nice to be able to sleep all night without sharing the snoring or wriggling! Our rooms used to be quite close but now we are at far ends of the house so this was a gift from one of our daughters when we moved in……….(!!!)
I digress……..every room has books including a kitchen cupboard of cookery books (which I rarely use!) then under the TV unit all the special photo albums….
Under the sewing machine are a few reference quilting books (and that is the big Beatrix Potter quilt which I am currently quilting)……...
 The dining room has a bookshelf in the corner devoted to some of my William Morris books……..

 and the lounge has a bookshelf that belonged to mum with even more Morris books……..

 I've also kept books that I grew up with including the Narnia series and Swallows and Amazons and on the bottom shelf are some of Larry's Russian history books - yet another university degree……

The lounge also accommodates Larry's enormous DVD collection and CD's…….
 The hallway houses another piece of furniture from my mum filled with even more books……...
 Then there is the spare room devoted to the little ones with shelves of children's books and a few quilting ones as well……...

 My bedroom has books on the desk and in the bedside drawers……...
And yes this is where I am sitting right now as I type this blog so you have also just had a tour of the house!……...
 But there are more books as we spill out into the carport - this time National Geographic magazines! My late father collected every edition starting in about 1948 and Larry resumed in the 1980's when Dad stopped. When we first moved 5 years ago I couldn't even give them away so instead decided to put them in the recycle bin. But Larry couldn't part with them so instead of six shelves full we now have three. There are also a pile of Time magazines that Larry can't part with too!………..
 I also have an "office space" in the carport which appears to include little people things………..
 and in the corner is a very large pile of boxes full of brand new May Morris books!…...
 But on the top shelf of another bookcase is a collection of books from when our girls were growing up including Babysitter club books, Roald Dahl and Paul Jennings…….. 
 So when we are gone the family will have fun sorting all those books out! During the week I received a gift in the mail - this gorgeous bag from our friend Tim at Lloyd Curzons. Tim tells me he saw it in Sydney and knew I would love it. The design is based on The Garden of Eden by Charles Voysey another Arts and Crafts designer I admire and have used in the fabric collections (and in some of my appliquéd quilts too). The bags come from Vevoke with the brand being Essensory - thanks Tim, I love it. And the other image is of an Ikea bathroom towel rail attached to the wall in the hallway to house some of my quilts… for the rest of my quilts is another story!


  1. You sure have lots of books, is there any room for fabric?? Thanks for the lovely tour of your house. Have been trying to sort my boxes of "stuff" today, and find homes for what I need to keep!!

  2. Very nice house, and a lot of books! Thank you for the tour of the house.

    1. I forgot to say, I bought two of your books Morris will sew the quilt. Also, I would have bought a bell!))))

  3. I never thought I would see the day when someone had so many more books then we do. We used to have so many but about 10 years ago I finally talked Mike into donating the books he knows he will never look at again and gradually over the years I have been able to weed it all down a bit. We still have so many though, some of the shelves used to be two deep rows now they are one deep, the magazines have gone, I would wish for glass doors also! Thanks for the tour - I kind of wish we had an extra bedroom that I could move Mike into for he is the snorer and it makes it very hard to sleep at night but our extra bedroom is the sewing room/computer room and no room for a bed there.

  4. I enjoyed the visit in your lovely home, each room was a delight. Thanks for sharing it, I am going to go clean my sewing room, I saw Morris everywhere, that's what I want.

  5. I have just been to a book fair at my old high school, its a good place to donate books and all proceeds go to the school chaplain program....but closer to you the Rotary club run a bookshop on Goodwood Road again all proceeds to a good cause.

  6. Wow I liked the proper management of space you have done for each and every area. Using carport as a office is really a great presence of mind.


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