Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sun and Stitches

Today was a perfect day of warm sun and a cool breeze as we headed off to Goolwa - a historic river port just 35 minutes from home and also where our dear friends Rosie and Tom live. There little home has breathtaking views of the river with the occasional steam train chugging past as well. In just a few short years Tom has managed to fill a small space with all sorts of veggies and flowers along with a scattering of Rosie's wonderful mosaic work……..

 Friends Janie and John joined us as well where we shared life's ups and downs over a glass or two of wine and a delicious lunch……

 Just through the fence is a glimpse of the river…….. 

 During the afternoon we headed down for a stroll with Benji the dog…..

A closer look on the verandah of this gorgeous home revealed some exquisite birds in the stone work…….

 And what great luck that Rosie knew about an extra special exhibition being held down at the wharf centre………..

Benji waited patiently as we headed inside to learn about this incredible display - the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry launched by the Scottish government in 2012. This collection of over 300 panels features stitcheries from all around the world reflecting the tales of Scots who have migrated to all corners of the globe. We had no idea that so much Australian history was linked to Scottish immigrants and especially here on the River Murray mouth and wharf……...

 The panels are not tapestries as such but embroidered panels from 35 countries around the world…….
 It was wonderful to see Adelaide's Thomas Elder and Peter Waite represented…….

 The detail in the stitching was so inspiring with such a diverse use of stitches…...

 Do check the website here to see the history of this world-wide travelling show and also view the entire tapestry online. You can also read here how the display had just left Paris and almost didn't get through quarantine here in Australia! We ambled back to Rosie and Tom's with views of the water and pelicans……..

 Thanks so much Rosie and Tom for having us x  Indeed it was a wonderful day of friendship, sun and a bonus stunning stitching show - bliss!


  1. love the exhibit thanks for sharing. Your friends mosaic walk way is beautiful! such lovely work and it is displayed so well. it is great to have friendships like that

  2. Glad you had a lovely day, weather is much nicer at the moment, and hope you are feeling better.

  3. Sounds like a great day. Loved the embroideries!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely day and also the information about the Scottish tapestry. I'm thrilled to find it will be in Albury in Feb and plan on making the trip to see it. Many thanks and hugs, Jan Mac

  5. What a fabulous display Michele. Will have to have a look at it when we are in Victor over Christmas.

  6. This exhibition Scottish Diaspora Tapestry is very interesting to visit. I'd like to see it very much, but I live too far to come and have a look.

  7. What a fabulous day and exhibit, Michele. I see it may go to North America. I may have to go to Baltimore and see my niece when it arrives there. Fabulous. Thanks for sharing your visit.


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