Monday, 25 May 2015

The website is live!

The Hill household is very excited tonight and we have already had an on-line customer…thank you! It is an incredible feeling to be doing this all on my own and gives me confidence to move forward to a little bit of this for the next venture…….
But for now it is a little bit of this…….
The link is all up and running here: and be assured my able assistant Larry will send orders through pronto…and of course they will be personally signed by yours truly!

So as I close I will share a little more from William Morris……...
"Never forget the material you are working with, and try always to use it for what it can do best: if you feel your- self hampered with the material in which you are working, instead of being helped by it, you have so far not learned your business. The social limitations of the material should be a pleasure to you, not a hindrance: a designer, therefore, should always thoroughly understand the processes of the special manufacture of the material he is dealing with."

Till next time - take care wherever you are x


  1. Congratulations! I am so excited for you and all of us who love you and Mr Morris of course. It's lovely and I will visit it every day. Thank you! Order coming soon from wet, wet, wet Texas.

  2. Congratulations on creating your own website and launching the sale of your new book. It is always exciting when creating. Always so generous of you to share the journey.

  3. How exciting! Congratulations on all your hard work that has culminated in your new venture.

  4. Congraulations Michele! Looking forward to more Morris inspiration upon delivery of your new book. Been looking really forward to the release. I'm still working on your trio of cushions. They're looking great too! Take care, xxxx

  5. Woo Hoo Huge Congratulations Michele!! Am excited to say I've just placed an order for myself & JulieAnn. Can't wait for happy mail XX

  6. So, so, so excited for you! What a wonderful new adventure in your creative journey. And of course I am dancing with anticipation as I await delivery here to the West :)

  7. Great to see your new website, I ordered my copy of your book today and am looking forward to reading/using it. Also, to seeing what you do with Beatrix Potter, I have just finished my fourth Beatrix Potter cot quilt from your book, they have been such fun to make,


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