Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Today in Australia it is Mother's Day and for the first time in many years I am spending it away from our little family. How on earth the workshop convenor and I decided on doing a workshop on this day is beyond me but as my late Mum used to say….."every day should be Mother's day". So Larry and I along with others reflect on the mothers who are no longer in our lives. So what did I do and where am I? We set off on Friday for an 8 hour journey (including a couple of stops), to the historic town of Ararat in Victoria. The journey was stress free apart from the jolly semi-trailers overtaking us - and while we were doing the speed-limit!!….

 We did hit quite a bit of rain………..
 Three and half hours from home we enjoyed lunch with a special friend Jude at a bakery full of historic delights…...

 Areas of Victoria are still desperate for rain and hopefully last night they got some of what we heard on the roof overnight……….

 Larry's attempt to capture the rainbow while I was driving……..
I've had had two fabulous days with a group of embroiderers who I tried to convert to appliquéing by machine. One of the highlights was seeing this treasure up close and personal. Elsie rescued it from the rubbish bin where it had previously been resting on a church alter and she thinks it belonged to one of the Barr-Smith's who are responsible for many of the Art Gallery of South Australia's treasures……..possibly a Morris designed embroidery over 100 years old……….

 Thankyou Elsie….I am so glad this piece of exquisite history is to now be returned to the church where it will receive the recognition it deserves…….
 I took the opportunity after class to capture some of the historic buildings in town……...

 Autumn is definitely here but it feels more like winter……..

 Larry spent the morning touring this place……….

 Part of the hospital……..

 So while we celebrate Mother's Day 'down under' so does Canada and our lovely friend Penny sent me these gorgeous photos of what she was going to be doing on Mother's Day. This chapel belongs to From the Heart quilt shop and just six stitchers shared their work as a part of the Mother's Day Bethany studio tour. Such a beautiful setting and after enquiring Penny informed me they are real candelabras but candles are only lit before weddings……. 
Penny also told me the church was built in 1876 and was decommissioned only ten years ago as it was so run down. The owners of the quilt shop purchased and lovingly renovated the building and the quilt shop is attached to the parish hall nearby…….... 

Almost all the quilts from Penny and five of her friends are stitched by hand……...

 Thanks so much Penny and I hope to one day visit it all! xx
 So if you are celebrating Mother's Day in your part of the world I hope it was special x


  1. Your photography is amazing Michele, maybe I better tour around my home town sometime.
    I love my pressie!!

  2. love your photos and that is a perfect setting to have an old church for a sewing display area. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and happy mothers day to you!

  3. I think you probably went to the coldest place in Western Victoria on a day when the rain was nearly horizontal! Yes the trucks on our highway are not patient and the roads are not that good either. Safe journey home. Ararat art gallery specializes in textiles, hope you got to see lots of them. Glad that beautiful pieces of work was rescued.

  4. I enjoy 'travelling' with you - thanks for all the lovely photos that enable me to do this! Safe travels home again Michele.

  5. Sounds like a great trip. Thanks for the arm chair travelogue. That bin find was gorgeous as were the quilts shown. Safe journey home.


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