Saturday, 25 April 2015

We will remember them

Today is a very special day in Australia and New Zealand……..Anzac Day and this year is extra special as it is the 100th anniversary of the very day that Australian and New Zealand troops along with other allies landed at Gallipoli during WW1. 8,709 Australians died and 2,701 New Zealanders. My late grandfather Charles Roberts, fondly known as "Char" to us all was one of those who fought. He was injured but did come home…… 
He told us stories which know one no-one (!!), should have to bare or is it bear…maybe I should just use 'tolerate'? (As I get older the brain doesn't produce the words automatically like it used to!). He also told us he had shrapnel in his head and that it would be too dangerous to remove surgically, so all his life he suffered from migraines. But so many did not live to tell any stories…….we will never ever forget the sacrifice they made for us all. You can read much about what is happening in our beautiful country here. It is especially moving to see stories of the Poppy project……..


  1. Prayers for all who have given their lives for freedom and the end of intolerance. War IS intolerable.

  2. We have had stunning commemorations here too Michele. So great that young people are participating and understanding it all. Weta Workshops (The team behind Lord of the Rings etc) have crafted huge figures of real people from WW1, they are 2.5 times normal size and they take your breath away with the detail. We queued for over an hour to see the tribute at Te Papa, our national museum in Wellington. The crowd were quiet and respectful as we read all about each one, and looked at the other pieces from the war. Alison


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