Tuesday, 21 April 2015

AQC 2015 - Part 2

AQC 2015 was once again an amazing event and we are so lucky that Gary and Judy from Expertise Events continue to 'raise the bar' every year. They have done so much for quilting in Australia bringing international exhibits, guests and tutors. I can now reveal the weekend Mystery Quilt class I taught! And of course everyone knows why it was a mystery - because when I was asked to teach the quilt was still in my head!!…….
The designs are my interpretations of both William Morris and his daughter May's drawings. I have stitched some embroidery on the flowers since the photo and beaded the quilted feathers in the border. It is not a large quilt but I think it might actually end up hanging on a lounge wall - unlike all my other quilts in a large pile in the walk-in wardrobe! Thanks to all the amazing students who trusted me and committed to a workshop where they had no idea what they were making - you were all sensational x
 So a few more highlights from the event…………..
 The gala dinner is always a treat and opened with a juggling act of a different kind - juggling a parasol and then four small rugs - wow!…..

 The main act was an impersonator and I will publicly state he is on the bottom of my list of singers I can't live without…but he was very good!…...

 So yesterday I told everyone I was feeling like a "slug" without a voice….but today we are back on track and the Thorngrove Manor quilt was delivered back to it's home…………

I know it received many admiring looks and I am still so chuffed that Nydia and Ken let it out of their sight! On delivery I was spoilt with a little gift - now I should have been giving them a gift but this was my reward - a Trish Burr embroidery book……….
 I know tonight it will be studied from front to back…..thankyou so much Nydia and Ken for your kindness xx

 So my final news for this post (before I get back to posting more about William Morris' letters!)……Excitement in the Hill house….I can reveal the cover of the book and we have taken delivery of 10 boxes! I have a website currently underway and as soon as that is done you will be able to go for it…….so stay tuned and thanks ever so much for all your wonderful support x


  1. looking forward to your new book! your mystery quilt is so pretty and the beads that are in with the quilting!! how did you come up with that idea it is so neat.

  2. You started this post with a spectacular quilt and ended it with a wonderful book - WOW. Really the quilt is so lovely. I'm sure many of us are hoping the pattern for it will be on your website, too.

  3. The new quilt is beautiful, I love the colours. Looking forward to the new book, your books are full of great ideas, and these smaller projects will be perfect for gifts.

  4. Lovely new quilt. Great color choices and beading too! Will it ever be available to us as a pattern? Thank you for sharing so much with us.

  5. Oh wow, Michele, you always come up with stunning designs. I know that this book will be a success like the others. Good luck with launching it.


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