Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter time - family time

It is Easter Sunday evening and time to record the Hill household happenings……but I promise a little more of William Morris soon Maxine! In fact I might start sharing some of his letters from the volumes sitting on my shelf shortly! Before a little family I will share a couple of exhibitions coming soon to Melbourne at the National Gallery of Victoria. Larry and I have managed to get some cheap airfares so we are looking forward to a short break in June to see Exquisite Threads - English embroidery 1600-1900……
and at the same time Medieval Moderns- The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood…….
I've still been quilting like a 'mad woman' up till the wee small hours and I'll have photos of two new quilts when they are hanging at the quilt convention in Melbourne next week. I have also been trying to get back on track with my health and finally ventured down to the river once again. I have to confess during these warmer months I've been reluctant since Larry had a brief encounter with a brown snake……that has kept me well and truly away! It is so peaceful and I still pinch myself it is only 5 minutes from our front door……….

There are hundreds of elusive blue wrens but with patience the lens managed to capture one……….. 
 My heart skipped a beat below but it was only a branch…..and then tracks in the dirt which are fortunately only bike tracks!!

 So yesterday I did some Easter baking for today's family brunch where I reluctantly finished the last of Penny and Paul's Canadian home grown and brewed maple syrup in a - Parsnip and Maple Syrup Cake and it was delicious…..(and I smiled at the following delightful photo I received of Paul sitting in the sun waiting for the next batch to brew - so glad they finally have sun after suffering minus 30C this past winter!)…and the empty bottle is ready for a refill when we catch up again next year Paul!

The Great British Bake-off has inspired me to do more baking so I've recently been baking bread - this lot a ciabatta followed by Easter muffins with an Easter egg hidden inside…..
 I stitched a wool felt Easter hunt bag for Beau with one of his favourite characters and Larry had fun hiding the stash……..

And then the joy of consumption and some happy family time together……...

 Home again as the sun sets a little earlier and we are still amazed at the transformation of the front garden from this……….
 to this in less than 12 months…….
We all celebrate Easter for different reasons so I hope yours was enjoyable. Till next time take good care x
Oops…..I nearly forgot to add this news! An email and photo came through as I was typing the blog from Sheila of the Arcadian Quilters in New South Wales. Members stitched blocks from my Renaissance pattern and produced this stunning version that is to be their charity quilt this year - I love their choice of colours and the borders make it look so very regal. The group are hoping it will be on display at the quilt show in Sydney in June. Thanks Sheila and all of you involved - it is stunning and I hope the raffle is a great success!


  1. I love how your yard has grown - so pretty to have a garden fill in the bleak landscape. Can you imagine it in another year. One thing I hate to always have to be aware of is snakes - here at home too at the trails we go to you have to watch and more than once I have almost stepped on or too close to a dangerous snake - you just really have to watch - and when we travel also - then you have to watch for the rattlesnakes when we go west.
    It looks like you had a good Easter - and the children are growing and looking so cute.

  2. Nice update Michele. Hard for us kiwis to imagine what it must be like to always be watching for snakes. We have so few dangerous critters (a few spiders) that the only predators we really need to look out for are used car salesmen. Ha!

  3. The Parsnip and Maple syrup cake sounds lovely, I have all the ingredients but I will have to be content to bookmark the recipe for another day when I have some visitors to help eat it. The river looks lovely to walk by, we usually walk near bush but still haven't seen a snake (fingers crossed) just koala and kangaroos maybe it is because we talk too loudly and frighten the snakes away :)


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