Friday, 9 December 2011

I am not alone

Thankyou all so very much for your kind messages and thoughts. A little band of generous workers are helping me out with some sewing (the December angels!), and in the meantime I am trying to remain positive that all the quilts are still on their way home.
A few days ago I had a lovely email from Maria Elkins who many years ago set up the Lost Quilts website. She had heard via the internet grapevine that I had lost quilts for a third time. This was the first missing quilt which Maria put on her site over 9 years ago when it went missing (and that was registered mail - can't believe it was 9 years!!)

So Maria has kindly done this service again for me as you will see when you visit the lost quilts site. It was then that I discovered that I am truly not alone.
Deborah Kemball is a quilter I have admired for many years. Her quilts are exquisite and all done by hand often using silk. So it was with horror that I read she too has lost this masterpiece - the cover quilt to her book......
Some months ago I purchased Debby's beautiful book just so I could enjoy looking at her masterpeices. Now that book is even more precious.


  1. It makes me sick just to think of it, so I can only imagine how you feel. It's hard to imagine they could lose a box big enough to hold a quilt.

  2. You are not alone but that does not make it OK to steal someone's work.

    Have you reported to the Postal Industry Ombudsman.
    I'm sure you have adequate reason to suspect you are being targeted.
    3 large packages all posted by you to you in Adelaide. Someone close to home is responsible.
    Keep trying. Good luck.

  3. Your works are just so irreplacable, Michelle and also those of Deborah's (I popped over to have a peek at her designs and they are book for the wish list for me!!)....I do hope the person responsible finds their conscience and Christmas spirit and sees their way clear to return all goods to you.....

  4. Agree with Karina, Jenny and Shiralee... just wrong. Hugs

  5. Oh Michele I feel absolutely sick for you. Such beautiful creations and it makes you wonder what more you can do particularly when you register parcels. I hope and pray that some how some way they are returned to you.
    Michelle xx

  6. I've just heard your terrible news , I'm so sorry . I feel sick so I can only imagine how you feel .


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