Thursday, 22 December 2011

Somewhere out there

One of my favourite songs and seems so appropriate for a number of reasons....The past 2 weeks have seemed such a drag and I cannot get myself motivated and I need to! I have taken myself to the Commonwealth Ombudsman to take my lost post complaint further - I have obviously been extremely unlucky to lose three packages - and No they still haven't turned up!

The week leading up to Christmas is always full of mixed emotions. Thinking of friends who have lost loved ones recently and Larry and I also have anniversaries of both our Mum's passing this week. I also have a birthday just before Christmas and I usually spend it doing Christmas shopping or writing the Christmas cards. But flowers from Larry and friends bring great joy. And some more from Lloyd Curzon - I will enjoy watching the lilies open....

So I am trying to get back in the swing of things....I have been so tired from such a hectic year, so I thought I should make myself a list to try and prioritise!!!......
Who it’s for!
Due date
Emily and Brett
Baby quilts (wall and cot)
Before we leave for New Zealand – 2nd week February
New Zealand
Morning Chorus quilt
Replace William Morris samples (lost Aust Post)
2nd week February
Hawkesbury Retreat
Finish quilting Arts & Crafts Sampler
Before we leave for New Zealand – 2nd week February

AQC Melbourne

Design and make Mystery class – quilt, runner, cushion
1st week April

Quilters Companion

Design and make small runner or cushion
Feb 10th to Sydney

Ballarat Quilting weekend – 2 projects

Design and make Wool applique block holder
Russian quilt / runner (finish Hermitage floor)
Early February

Design and make Quilt / runner/cushion from Ballarat photos (Town Hall)
Possibly March??

William Morris Tour

Design and make Miniature embroidered Kelmscott quilt
End of June so I can do kits

Berrima Retreat

Dragon Quilt – only need to do design pattern

End of June
Will I be able to do it?? The December angels will be getting their parcels after Christmas to help replace some of my lost all will be well with their wonderful help. And then today this came in the post from Fay of Simply Stitches in Wagga. She said she just had to do something to help and she had already started this quilt! She even made a pieced background for it! Thankyou Fay

And then last week this was left on my doorstep - thank you Denise (and I know Eli in the USA is making one as well)

So Christmas is "on" in our new home.........
My Mum's old Santa is inevitably surrounded by birthday cards

And this week I also received a wonderful thankyou gift from Heather at the Barossa Cottage. (Aust Post delivered!) Every year Heather sends me a thankyou through the business. So thoughtful and so appropriate (William Morris of course!)....

So with the New Year approaching we can look forward to the "grand baby bump" arriving in about 9 or so weeks!!

Enjoy your preparations for Christmas and New Year. We especially think of those who are missing loved ones or are unwell. Enjoy our new tree - we needed a small one for our new townhouse and this was sold as "an apartment tree"

PS: for those girls who came to Galong....I have designed those quilt borders so do email me your address if you haven't already done so! And anyone from any shops doing the two new block of the month quilts - there are a couple of typo email me about them! (a sign of too much going on and too little time!)

Till next time XX


  1. A Lovely Post Michele..Happy Birthday..Your Flowers are Gorgeous as are Your Gifties..
    Your Daughter is Glowing oohh won't be Long...Nanna.
    Take Care

  2. What a beautiful song Michele, we are out there looking out for you (unlike Australia Post!)and all of our dreams will come true!!
    Happy Birthday and a Merry Christmas!!

  3. Hi Michele,
    Some good news. Made the top ten again with your book. Congratulations.
    Edith in Tassy

  4. Thanks for your messages girls - hope you had a good Christmas. And thanks for the news from Quilter's Newsletter Edie - that put a big smile on my face - great Christmas present for me! XXX


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