Thursday, 11 February 2010

Strange but true (and my cushions arrived)

Last post I told you I would share a story that is strange but true! In August of 2000 my father was in a hospice in the final stages of terminal cancer. I was working full-time in quality management at that time, so along with losing Dad I was a little stressed! During my lunch break I decided to go for a walk. It was a cool Winter's day but the sun was shining and I had an urge to sit on a seat in a park (it was actually near the Adelaide University footbridge for those of you who know where I mean and I had walked from the office in Melbourne St). As I sat in deep contemplation I had thoughts of where I would rather be. Three years earlier we had gone to visit the UK (first time for me), where we discovered what is now one of our favourite places - the beautiful Lakes District. There is a small shop there called Reekies;
 which is in the beautiful village of Grasmere.

So there I was sitting with my eyes closed and the sun on my back having deep thoughts of this wonderful place . Time ticked by and I thought I had better head back to work. As I stood up something caught my eye...........lying on the ground was a brand new packet from Reekies of this Lakes District embroidered emblem!!! I immediately went into shock looking around me thinking where the heck did this come from!! Then I started trying to rationalise it.........Maybe a University student dropped it having just come back from overseas.....or a backpacker???? To this day I have no idea where it came from but I have to tell you that is a stange but very true occurence in my life. The packet has now persished as I carry it with me all the time. But you can still see part of the packaging!! Amazing hey??!!
And my beautiful William Morris cushion covers arrived yesterday from Marie in the UK;
They are just perfect on the Miner's Couch - thanks Marie!


  1. Michele,

    Some things are beyond rationalising . . . everything is as it's meant to be!

    Who knows how the patch got there, but it was in the right place at the right time for the right person.

    Glad you carry it with you - it's nice sometimes to have something tangible to remind you of the amazing!

    Regards, Sue


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