Saturday, 27 February 2010

Four more quilters!

Well thankyou, thankyou, thankyou to those of you who have left messages - it is a joy to visit your blogs too and see where you live! I was so thrilled that I have decided you ARE ALL WINNERS!! Today I printed off 20 photos of the quilt so 24 more hours and then I will close it to the first 20 of you who requested the pattern. It is only a few pages which I can squeeze into a normal envelope - so please send me your name and postal address via my website (Which you can get to by clicking on my book to the left of your screen)
I will leave you with a picture of one of my very favourite Morris & Co tapestries - Pomona. The nearsest I have to it is a cushion (Yes another cushion!!) This info and photo are from the V&A collection.

'Pomona' Tapestry
Sir Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898) and John Henry Dearle (1860-1932)
Made by Morris & Co. England about 1900. Tapestry-woven wool and silk on a cotton warp. Museum no. T.33-1981
In Roman mythology, Pomona was the goddess of fruit trees and orchards. Her name comes from the Latin word pomum, meaning fruit. Her story was told by the Latin poet Ovid in the Metamorphoses, in which she was pursued by the god Vertumnus, and the two lovers were popular subjects in painting and the decorative arts, including tapestry, in the 16th century and later.
William Morris considered tapestry 'the noblest of the weaving arts', and his firm of Morris & Co produced exceptional examples, with scenes of Arthurian legend, medieval romance, and mythology, like this piece. The account book of the artist Edward Burne-Jones shows that he was paid £25 by Morris & Co in 1882 for the figure of Pomona, his first design specifically for tapestry. The design was woven in several versions, with alternative backgrounds to the figure, and to different scale. In this version the flowers and fruit, including the branch of apples Pomona is holding, were designed by John Henry Dearle.


  1. Thanks Michele, for letting us have the pattern. I emailed my info to you, I really look foreward to making it! Yours Sharon.

  2. Oh Michele I am able to leave a comment now..Thank you so much for the gorgeous pattern and I look forward to making it too. You are very generous and I look forward to more of your designs :) hugs Vicki

  3. Michele,
    I was behind on my blog reading, and I didn't read your last two posts until today. Too late! Sigh! Is there any chance that you could just email your directions and patterns for this great quilt? I spend many hours "drooling" over my copy of your book, and this is such a nice companion pattern. I would so enjoy making it for Christmas in Massachusetts.

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