Tuesday 20 September 2022

My last ever William Morris Tour!

 It seems fitting to be thinking about our links to the UK with the funeral only yesterday of her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11. We watched the BBC coverage for about 7 hours with all of the pageantry and emotion. A moment in history and a time of reflection for both the past and future. And of course the iconic British Morris & Co designs have such a personal connection for me. Back in 2010 Larry and I had the wonderful opportunity of viewing the Royal Yacht Britannia in Edinburgh and you can read all about that visit on my blog HERE. Many rooms onboard were furnished in Morris fabrics...such a treat so I would like to think that the late Queen had a fondness for Morris designs too! 

So this leads me to the reason for my post. Renaissance Tours contacted me yesterday to update me on progress of the next William Morris in Adelaide tour. As you know this is my very last tour and I would love it to be an extra special week so we would be delighted to add to the list of guests already in line! If you've been thinking about it I would love you to join us to make it all happen....after-all it is not often here in Australia we get to see Morris furnishings 'insitu' like onboard the Britannia! 

The tour is more than just Morris. We explore the Morris & Co connection to Adelaide and the underlying British settlement here in Adelaide. Adelaide had a large Arts & Crafts school and with some very prosperous founders the style and architecture can still be seen. Also in November the gardens are glorious, especially the roses and we will see lots! The tour is in just under 8 weeks (November 13th-19th), so there will be plenty of sunshine and fun.......here is just a little from past tours in no particular order......

And speaking of roses......the World Rose Convention is being held right here in Adelaide just before the Morris tour so the roses will be at their very best for the world to see! I know the National Rose Garden here and also Carrick Hill have been working hard for many months in preparation, so what a perfect time for us.......

I hope all is well in your part of the world and maybe I might see you in Adelaide x


  1. Wonderfu to hear from you! The photos are fabulous. It would be wonderful to go on that tour!

  2. Looks wonderful Michele. Hope the tour goes really well.

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